Sep 21 2010University Of Calgary's Video Game Library


That's right folks, the University of Calgary is opening a video game library for academic research. Haha, academic research -- is that what they call failing freshman English these days? (Note: picture is unrelated basement, not the library)

The Interactive Digital Media Collection will help students learn in a whole new way, the university believes.

The University of Calgary is installing six PC stations through which to play games on newer consoles such as the PlayStation 3. The collection will also boast half a wall of retro games reaching back to the '80s, many of which were all the rage before many U of C students were even born.

"Well, it certainly makes coming to the library cooler, and it's one more excuse not to study during finals," said student Tom Schlodder.

"It's another distraction. I come to the library because it's a place where I don't have Nintendo or PlayStation or anything like that. It's a place I come to work," said student Chris McMillan.

Way to be a party pooper, Chris McMillan. Going to the library to work, ha! I only go to the library to crawl under the desks and look up girls' skirts. Kidding! Well, half-kidding. Fine, you got me -- not really kidding at all.

Thanks to Chris, who actually works at the U of C library and isn't to be confused with that stick in the mud, Chris McMillan.

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Wish that was my basement.

at least it'll keep hobos busy too.

YESS at last a reason to actually go to school! calgary, i love you..even if you have decided to snow on me today

omg i just came... O_O

U of C is across the street from my place. WOOTZ!

after a quick game, u can stroll out in the parking lot where you can beat up coloured people. Cause Alberta can't stand em anymore

I'm sorry but who's fucking BASEMENT IS THAT


and I hate to shit all over your mcgangbang party but Chris has a point - that's like having a quiet cafe in the same building as a raging drunk bar.

UCSC has had a library like this for a while now.

What an amazing basement... I got goosebumps just imagining walking into a basement like that, not knowing where to go first, or if I'd be afraid to touch it...

Wish they'd had this when I went there....WTF

Cool but the USC School of Cinematic Arts Interactive Media Division beat them to it, also a basement full of video games for "academic research" and next gen consoles that can be rented out for free.


Is it me or do some of those look like Anime box sets?

That light blue box on the bottom shelf of that middle bookcase case, looks like
~The Vision of Escaflowne~ 5 Disc Box Set.

And the one next to it on the left side [brown], might be the Samurai 7 Limited Edition Box.

Meh.........maybe not.

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Oh Canada, how I luvs u.

Damn. Why didn't they have this when I thought of attending that University..

I... I just came... In my pants... And they exploded...

hey guys I live there.
Cool by association.

the place to be

Shit, I knew I should've gone to U of C instead of mount royal x.x

LILF (Library I'd Like to Flock)

How the fuck do you get old DOS games to work? I remember back in the early 90s when I had to fine-tune my sound card every fucking time I installed a game. This was before "plug and play", kids.

And though ancient consol games are still easy to come by (Atari 2600 particularly), how many working machines are there? And how the fuck do you jack it in to a modern TV set?

And is it worth it, anyway? There is some nostalgia, but after about 10 minutes I can see it getting really boring really quickly. We used to play with dots on a screen, for fuck's sake. Even then we thought it was lame.

I apparently got my undergrad from the UofC a few years too early. On the plus side, I actually did get my undergrad instead of playing video games the whole time.

Not that I needed it... I've still got my original NES in working order with a good selection of games. And it connects to my flat-panel TV just fine. That's what the little red and yellow cables are for.

Besides, I can just imagine how they'll set it up like an archives that you need to have a legitimate research reason to make an appointment to visit.

Dude, there are video game systems much older than the NES. I'm talking about the Atari 2600 and Colecovision. It was all mono. And we had to wire them directly to the back of old TVs. No jacks.

That library already exists, only much larger. It's called the internet or something

I like how they call it the Interactive Digital Media Collection so it sounds like legit academic thinky stuff.

Man, I am SO glad this is my school.
Adding another reason to fluck out of Uni! YEA!

This is awesome news I really hope they come through.

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