Sep 15 2010The Future Is Now!: Transparent Aluminum


See-through metal, yo. What's next, opaque gas? "Whoa GW, you've got a mysterious brown aura about you. Also *choking* -- why's it smell like somebody died in here?" IT WAS THE DOG, I SWEAR!

Stronger than glass, various military and commercial applications for this remarkable material are already being tested. What was once used in the science-fiction Star Trek movies, see-through aluminum is now something that - through test mixing with rubies, sapphires and more - is now being tried out in all kinds of ways to create transparency where strength is also required.

For now, it is used in static-free transparent aluminum wrapping for computer parts and other electronics. It is also being tested in otherwise-conventional see-through soda cans and military shielding for vehicles where windows once were. At over ten dollars per square inch, however, it is still not cheap enough for mainstream everyday use - but may be someday soon.

Now I'm not saying they should start manufacturing women's restrooms out of this stuff, but you've got to admit in this age of terrorism, bomb-proofing should be an important bathroom-security concern. Haha, see where I'm going with this? Home to get my video camera!

Transparent Aluminum: Real, Glass-Like, See-Through Metal [dornob]

Thanks M_D, who invented invisible metal but The Fantastic Four bought the patent and buried it because they wanted The Invisible Woman to still feel special. *sniff* I'm sorry that was just so touching.

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From Star Trek IV


GW you so funny

Yeah, Scotty's formula

Can you say, "Government spending"?

They can has. Lots.

How Funny that something else from star trek is comming true... thumbs up scotty... save those wales!

You try to video record me dropping a deuce and I'll fling it at you like a crazed garil grill goral.. big ape!! I know, I suck fat sauas sasag sasu.. penis.

Nice a transparent megatron on the way.....

You would get a hell of a good can return on that stuff.

by the way, that lychee drink is pretty tasty and can be found at most asian groceries

See through trailer parks? America is doomed.

Bring back Crystal Pepsi, dammit!

Nerd Alert!!! Transparisteel Anyone?

Ya but can you crush it on your forehead? Whatever!

this doesn't belong here. this was Star Trek, not Star WARS. moron.

Fake. Not entirely. I read the article about the transparent aluminum which is cool. my call is on the Cottle or Plastic can in the bottom right corner of the picture, that product is not transparent aluminum it is just a plastic bottle with an aluminum top, it requires a fairly specialized production and I believe japan has the only facility to make them.

transparent aluminum is f-ing awesome and i cant wait till its completely mainstream.

Uh, I don't think this is a stable state of aluminum (given that's it's a core electron transition related phenomenon). And I don't think the quantities being reported here are realistic.

Are there any better sources for information on this?

so.. invisible robots... we're f-ed

Transparent metal clothing for Seven of Nine. DO WANT.

It's about time.

Not exactly news, there several approaches to making transparent alumina. Most of them aren't "real" aluminum, but actually ceramics.

One of them is Aluminum Oxynitride, or AlOn for short, which is being tested by the air force as far as I know.

Then there are transparent ceramic nanomaterials, like the one developed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, which are made up of tiny pebbles.
This material is full of nanoscopic holes placed strategically according to the wavelengths that should pass through it.

Oh Computer ? Hello Computer, hmmm not there yet

holy shit, star treck IV, scottie invented this shit! mabey we need to save the wales again.

yeah, those photos are bull-shit. Look at the top one, with the german writing. It says something about ceramic. That's okay, I guess. But those bottom photos are crap. One is cellophane, and the other is some plastic, like 16 said.

when you weld that shit is going to look ugly

Freaking "SafeBrowsing" is blocking this site.

I invented this.

montgomery scott gave the formula to the plexiglass people in 1986, they just now figured it out

you should be reporting on a time machine being invented because this story is old as balls.

*sighh* this is not new in the slightest. I am disappointed in you Geekologie readers- doesn't anyone read "Cracked"??
Extremely informative and hilarious site, if you haven't checked it out do so. It is amazing. Not only is transparent aluminum in the article (which was written in June of 2009), so are ferrofluids, the freakiest known substances in the universe. scary shit yo.

Firefox just told me this webpage was a reported "Attack Site"????

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It's true, I've had that soda in the bottom corner many times and it's made from plastic, not aluminum.

Awesome Post, 15 years late? what :/

Hello computer?


A keyboard? How quaint.

Ten dollars per square inch and they're using it for see through soda cans? Gee i always wondered if the soda was a different color before the can opened, I guess I'll pay an extra $200 to find out.

Oh no! Somebody's invented the bulletproof windo...oh, wait, nevermind!

such an exiting product
but i m wondring if you can print on it
and what kind of the ink you need
solvent or pigment or any other witch i m not aware of

Hype Hype Hype
To bump up funding for research. A few examples would be transparent solar cells with 80% efficiency,

transparent displays layered to generate volumetric aka solid state
3d displays, transparent semiconductors for direct optical buss feeds
with out parasitic capacitance, 3 gig clocks goto 100gig true parallel
processor with optical conduit. Just to name a few applications if
this was a true transparent conductor. and not HYPE.

Just some thoughts


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