Sep 3 2010Oh Yeah, Waste That Time: Treadmillasaurus Rex, The Dinosaur On A Treadmill Game


Treadmillasaurus Rex has all the prerequisites for an awesome video game: dinosaurs, lasers, spikey balls, confetti, party lights, fancy hats, and exercise. Kidding, it could actually do without the exercise. Me? Not so much. My love handles monkey bars aside, give it a play and stick it to the man for a couple minutes. It's not like you're doing anything but counting the minutes until the holiday weekend anyway. Haha, do I know you or what?! I don't, I just have a spy camera hidden in your office. I saw how you spent your lunch break! And I want in.

Treadmillasaurus Rex [armorgames]

Thanks to eL Capitan!, EliteTek, letrappe and rhino, who agree all dinosaurs should join the gym to keep them fit and limber for my sex parties.

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who are you and what have you done with the GW?!

Me bad dino. Me eat you!

Alright seriously, guys. I know you all have no lives and hang off of every word I have to say (when you're not hanging off of my nuts), but please refrain from ripping my ideology off.

"Oh Mah Gawd, I luv dinos 2!"
"pew pew...I'z funneh~!"

For fuck's sake, get a life people. I know the vast majority of you pathetic fuckers were raised exclusively by your mother who hopped from man to man in hopes of finding a step-father for their bastard children (read: you) and had no male figure in your lives aside from Gonzo and Otto Rocket, but stop copying my style....I'm not your papa. Leave what I have to me, or I'm ousting the comments.

^^^^^^ Lawl apparently hes the Geekologie Writer, except his name is spelled Writet. DUMBASS.

Nice try but if your gonna be the GW then atleast write the word "writer" next time.
Way to fail faker...

@4 fail. pure 110% fail.

anywho... Fun game.


@4 what an idiot lol.

everyone knows that the GW posts under the name "Daisy" anyhow.

@7 indeed, quite fun.

lol TOP HAT.

that game gets hard

I was kicking butt till the treadmill reversed.

every1 below this line will have a drink tonight v


did anyone passed it?

I couldn't get past the split/reverse treadmills.

It's the +1 Hat that really makes the game. Did anyone ever have the wheel land on "Win the Game?" What actually happens?

show your love and respect to our military heroes.

‘ ___________blackmilitaryfriends.c-/0m ____________

show your love and respect to our military heroes.

I was making the dino dance to the beat as he ran back and forth. It was epic. I got the hat, then stepped on a spike ball and died... in style. This is almost as much fun as COD 4.

This is how all the dinosaurs really died...

I played, for two hours. And died. With a big hat.

This game is epic...
My score :
Spins: 47
Calories burned: 65,852

Thanks for name-dropping me broseph, keep up with the posting of your oh so freaking awesome articles GW!

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