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Nom Nom *SNIKT*: Wolverine Cakes


This is a Wolverine cake. I know it's kind of hard to tell because the claws are pointed directly at you and made out of aluminum foil, but that's what it is. And there's a different one after the jump with foam claws. Neither one is really the best thing I've ever seen, but neither one is a naked lady reading comics in a kiddy pool filled with beer so what did you expect? "I expected a little more." Haha, well that was your bad.

Hit the jump for another shot of this POC and two more of another.




Knock-out Wolverine Cake [walyou]

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  • That guy has miles of gum, and very little teeth...which he should also take some toothpaste and a brush to.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    look at JUDGE DREDD over here

  • I call em as I see em... :p

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