Sep 15 2010LOLWUT?: California Police Issue Public Safety Notice About Pedobear 'Mascot'


A southern California police department recently issued a public safety notice warning citizens to be on the lookout for any child-loving bears in the area. NOBODY GETS BETWEEN ME AND FREE CANDY!

At one convention of IT enthusiasts the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department issued a notice warning parents about a man dressed as a bear.

The public safety notice said: "The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department is warning parents about a disturbing new phenomenon made popular by pedophiles and sexual deviants.

"The Pedo Bear began as an online Japanese cartoon character, and is known for his "lecherous nature" towards prepubescent children.

"Recently, pedophiles have adopted the bear as a mascot.

"Although there have been no reported sightings of the image on the Central Coast, individuals dressed in the bear costume and car decals have been seen in Southern California.

Wow. I knew California government was in poor shape, but did the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department really just get internet service? Cause if so they are waaaaay behind on cute animal videos..

Police issue warning about 'Pedo bear' [telegraph]

Thanks to Tom D and Kris, who won't approach a strange van for anything less than an ice cream sandwich.

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Reader Comments


NIce ass van!

FIRST!! I rock!!

yes it was me, name stealing McBeef. I am also gay.

I wonder if their next headline will be a public service announcement, warning cat owners about the potential health risks associated with satisfying their pet's voracious appetite for "cheezburgerz".

Way to go there, CA. Now you're not only the crazy state, but also the equivalent to that kid who suddenly gets the joke told at lunch and starts laughing about it during the history exam, making everyone around him feel awkward.

@2 Fail. I bet you were that pedo bear

@3 How sad. It looks like "someone" needs to get over their obvious need of attention. x-D

Meat Curtains.

i'll now feel safer living in SLO county. thx police

This is going to be the next Batman movie.
Batman: Never Too Young.

"Where's Pedobear!?!?!"
"Can't you see, Batz?? I AM Pedobear!"

damn, the pedo's in our area share really good candy too

Tulsa Police Dept made the same kind of warning.

some people are ridiculous!!

my halloween costume has just been decided

this is the van that i penetrate boys in.

I'm from San Luis Obispo. I will go on record as stating that our Police Department is overpaid, bored and slightly paranoid. The sherrif's are even worse. They staged a raid on a "canibus" concert (not the was a reggae concert) with around 50 undercover cops that netted about 5 arrests...three of which were pleaded out because of questionable police entrapment tactics. New (our local leftist paper) has an article about the whole thing. I almost feel like explaining the joke...but it's funnier this way.

I live in San Diego and have never heard of this lol. Then again, we have enough crime as it is in the part I'm from

LOL Because there is nothing pedophiles like more than way to easily label them as such.


That is definately not a shop you can tell by the awesome lettering.

I come to this site everyday and laugh my ass off. But honestly, is this really something to joke about?

Wow. Makes me second guess coming here.

i say that the law should FAALLLCCCONNN PPPUUUNNNCCCHHH!!!!!!! all of the bears back to wherever pedoland is then nuke the place


Good job San Diego, I can feel safe again.

Dam now during Halloween I get stopped every cop and stupid mom!
all I want is the free candy !!!

LOL jk, but seriously wheres the candy!?! I need my fix.

is it wrong that i don't find pedophilia funny? are these things socially acceptable enough now to joke about?

i suppose its a good sign that raping of children is becoming less popular when this has become an acceptable joke. i remember that three girls my age confided in me that they had been raped by an adult uncle or 'friend' of the family before they were 15.

i remember trying to convince them that it doesn't matter and they are still a virgin.

Not as good as Oprah's classic warning but contrats to anon none-the-less...

If you haven't seen Oprah's warning-

shit I lost my bear head, now people are going to think it was me (ploy to get you off my back)

Seriously, where have they been? Pedobear has been a menace for a long time now... And why would a real pedophile advertise with the Pedobear on the side of their van?

Apparently the FOXNews disease has spread to the real world now.

You just know a few hundred people are gonna show up in pedo-bear costumes with windowless vans now just fuck with'em lol.

Calling Pedobear a mascot for pedophiles is like calling Hamburgular a mascot for thieves.

I swear people are morons sometimes. Then again, this is conservative America for you.

I posted up a photo response to the whole Pedobear debate. You can read it at:

Hell, maybe they should go after Herbert from Family Guy next. I mean, he's a "threat" and ppl try to do his voice.

The police said "They have been no sightings on the Central Coast."

There is a "Central" coast in America now?

^Wait, which police are saying that. California?

I actually did a psychological look at everyone's favorite child-chasing bear. You can read it at:

Face it, Pedobear is never going to go away. I think he brings out a strong message against society exploiting others.

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