Sep 3 2010Just Like Anybody Else: How Batman Spends A Night Off


Ever wonder how the Caped Crusader spends a night off from fighting crime? Well wonder no more thanks to this first-of-its-kind look into Batman after-hours. Is he gonna wax the Batmobile? Update his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles? Get drunk and go on a crime spree only to whip his own ass the next morning? You're gonna have to watch to find out! No, no you're not. Gay sex with Robin.

Hit the jump for the moderately entertaining video.


Thanks to molly and Christer, who don't ever take a night off from fighting crime because the internet never stops and they are The Cyber Police.

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lol, robin is so gay and likes to watch gilmore.....damn i'm confused? Which Gilmore girl did he wanna watch?!!!

been done before 2 years ago:

This is f'n gayer than Robin.

Why are batmans pupils different sizes?


I knew something looked odd but couldn't put my finger on it.

That was just aweful.

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The picture was funnier than the video imo, but nice try guys

I laughed at the "This has The Joker written all over it!" gag, but the rest wasn't so great. I mean, really, a Batman and Robin gay joke in 2010? Any knock-knock jokes you wanna throw out there while we're on the subject? Or how about one where you point out that uranus sounds like "your anus?" Get it?!

Seriously, internet, you're better than that.


Different sized pupils are indicative of brain trauma
although rarely they can be inherited.

this is just a it just a glitch or does a certain blogger censor certain posts from me...

Nevermind, basically the following post above this regarding facebook postings has been "given the business" much like that old post regarding the magically mcdonald's food which survived a year without rotting....


My favourite part is that he spends his night off as batman and not bruce wayne

Are those the 2 cops from the Beastie boys music video sabotage?

In terms of the worst videos ever concieved by man this is king. My god.

Two different sized pupils can also be caused by blindness in one eye.

well that was shite

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This is seriously the worst post you have ever made. You are losing it if you think this is moderately entertaining. Sorry man, I love this blog, but this video is horrible.

@21 Granted, it's not as entertaining as your Mom, but like her, it'll do in a pinch.

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