Sep 13 2010I Said No Mushroom Clouds!: Nuclear Pizza


This is a pizza that looks like a mushroom cloud. No word on whether it set off the smoke detector, but my guess is yes provided they didn't take the batteries out to put in the Geiger counter. So, give it to me straight: if I eat the whole thing you think I'll gain any superpowers? No -- just four pounds? Dammit.

Nuclear Pizza WIN [failblog]

Thanks to Cracknel, who once saw a man eat 10 atomic pizzas and says he didn't gain anything but an extra chin.

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Reader Comments

Mushroom topping?

that was cheesy.

Oh, cooking mishaps. They are always a blast.

... get it? a BLAST.

*knee slap*



pizza growing from pizza.... DO LIKE

There is something about this image that disturbs me greatly. And it's not the 'mushroom cloud' thing.

pizza diarrhea is the best kind of diarrhea

I can't believe GW looked at that and saw "mushroom cloud" and not "Bespin Cloud City".

@9 I agree, but the first thing I saw was "McFeely Smackup's Mom's prolapsed anus, with cheese."

@10 - listen you piece of shit, find a new name. if you are gonna troll with my name at least write something about how much I like unlubed cocks or about sticking stuff up my ass. Don't use my name to insult others.

@10 Why don't you GTFO and go read some more disgusting little boy mass murdering homophobic garbage?


That true, McBeef? Did you really take the name from a murdering pedo's writing? That's low, dude, even for someone like you.

hah, what a clever boy. #10 and #12 figured out he can just post using anyones name...and it looks like they said it. awesome! good times.

except that nobody cares.

Stop posting BS under fake names!! Except that the part about McBeef's idol is true.

I'm pretty sure this is a friend of mine...

@16 don't bother. It's obvious who's who by what's being said under those nicknames, but also humorously sad that this is the limit of this persons creative attempt at anything better. It could almost bother me a little if it weren't so obvious, but then again I don't give a crap about too many things in general so I still wouldn't care☺

FYI, you'll never see me caring enough to put "The Real..." in front of my name.

The middle part is photoshoped and I have all the shadows and Mad Max jokes to prove it. Still a nice pic though. I'd eat it.

@19 what if your real name were McCoy though?

Ok, the comments on the failblog site to this artikel are definatly even bether than the picture itself. LMAO.

actually its called nucular

It looks like the pizza projectile barfed itself.

just scrape the cheese off the will live are so right

nuclear pizza FTW

Okay, okay, are you ready for it?? Here we go...


(I'm so proud of myself.)

Jesus. I guess it is THAT easy. =)

This is not win :| That man's pizza is ruined.

Gross, exactly how much cheese was on that thing? No wonder Americans are fat.

It's also shaped like a worm hole.

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