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Gotta Crack 'Em All!: Pokémon Eggs


Note: I had to cut the image for length, see the full, high-res version HERE. Lower-res version after the jump.

This is a picture of 209 Pokémon eggs as imagined by DeviantARTist PokePage. Now I don't play Pokémon because my mom thinks it's satanic and the devil already tries to tempt me enough with booze and loose womens, so it's just better if I just stick to Dungeons & Dragons and Farmville. Which -- I NEED FENCE POSTS @$$HOLES, WHO'S GOT 'EM?!

Hit the jump for the whole low-res poster.


PokePage's DeviantART
Pokémon Fan Art of the Day []

Thanks to Kristen, who only plays Animal Crossing because she's wholesome. Oooor she's 8.

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