Sep 8 2010Geekologie Reader's Death Star Ear Tattoo


Jake is a Geekologie Reader with a Death Star/TIE Fighter tattoo in his left ear. As you can see, it compliments his ear plug nicely. Now I know what you're wondering, "But what if he got it in his right ear -- would that make him gay?" And the answer, moron, is no. Being attracted to the same sex makes you gay. Well, that and Twilight. Except for me. Two shots at the bar is enough to start me swinging both ways. Furiously. Usually until I'm too dizzy to connect and strike out. "GW, calm down -- this isn't a bat-spin!" PLUT ME IN CROACH!

Let's Hear It For This Cool Star Wars Ear Tattoo [starwarsblog] (with interview)
Jake's Tumblr

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Que estupid star terkies.

That's not an X-Wing, it's a Tie Fighter. Yes, I'm a nerd.

his ear grommit reminds me of

It says Tie Fighter once you follow the link, X-Wing on the front page


Ow my mom loves Twilight. She's so gay. Russian and gay
i love ear tattoos though

a 6 year-old drew a tattoo on your ear and you're showing off? get a life?

Geekology writer so drunk can't distinguish between X ant Tie... And don't come with fron page this and back that, I know he corrected but the other one was already printed so no going back. Ha, you can employ me as your editor.

Frigging hipster douche-bag

Ha, you can employ me as your spelling and grammar checker.

what do people do with that big fucking streched out earlobe when they:

1. grow up
2. seek employment
3. get old.

obviously stars war ear tattoo guy isn't planning on 1 or 2, but 3 is unavoidable.

Hahahaha that tattoo is the worst thing I've ever seen. Seriously. You fucking idiot!

Can you tatoo Godzilla cralling out of your ear while trying to swat the Tie fighter? Just wondering.


Long last the robots!

I have a helix in my left ear, an industrial in my right ear, both lobes are stretched to 1/2 inch, and I have big rings going thru my tunnels.

1: I'm grown up, 36.
2: I've got a great career. I work in the IT department for the city.
3: Getting old, well, I'll just have to wait and see

PS: I had all my piercings long before I landed this job, and my previous 2 jobs

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Well isn't that special? One of about ten pin-cushions that DON'T work in a tattoo shop...

Nothing lasts longer than a poorly-done tattoo.

looks like a rotting pac man

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I don't get this shit with the fucking tats on the most sensitive parts of the body. Having a needle digging into one's ear must have hurt like a sonabitch. And then that queer binder-hole in the lobe. What the fuck? I'm sure this guy has spikes going through his lips, nose, eyebrows (I will stop here).

Seriously, Pinhead is a fucking fictitious character, and we are SUPPOSED to be revolted by him. Body-mods are such freaks. I wonder if they ever think about looking into a mirror years from now, and wondering what the fuck they were smoking.

@23 Were you dumped by a girl with piercings? It's okay to cry. We won't think that you're any less of a douche.

@23 So if you took 2 seconds to click to Jake's tumblr, you'd see he looks nothing like Pinhead. Just, y'know, throwing that out there.

On topic: This is one of the neatest tattoos I've ever seen. Props to Jake and the artist for being original!

kill yourself faggot

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