Sep 7 2010Amazing Real Life Excitebike, Plus Video!


Justin Harder (sessy name!) went and built himself a real-life Excitebike. Okay, a bicycle that looks like a motorcycle that looks like one from the game of the same name. Plus there's a video-reenactment of a race! You should watch it, you won't be disappointed! Ooooor maybe you will be. But does that make you high maintenance and undate-able? Absolutely. Have fun dying alone, prissy-pants!

Hit the jump for a very worthwhile short and a link to Justin's Flickr with a TON of build pics.

Justin's Flickr
Gamer Builds Real-Life Excitebike Motorcycle [techeblog]

Thanks to Paul and kipperoo, who used to build their own levels with nothing but speed-boosts and the really big jumps. Awh yeah!

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Reader Comments


i like games

That video sucked.

I am disappoint.

all wrong, excite bike fail. he would have over-heated and u can't punch players

That's about as cool as @1, otherwise it would've been cool 15 yrs ago - unlike @1

agree with 5 and 6

Is it messed up that this looks better than the Tr2n movie trailer?

That was so awesome I threw up in my mouth a little! Time to go have one of those bacon flavored jones sodas to wash down the taste of vomit...

Hey, how about you guys make a better one. Then you can complain.

Thought the same thing WillC - only this looks better than TR2N

Why were there mario sounds?

I thought this was going to be a video about a guy that made this motorcycle and drove around town while trying to pick up on hot nerd chicks or something like that, not some douches re-enacting an old video game...and poorly I might add.

Now THAT is brilliant!

I swear sometimes its like GW sees a photo and makes up an entire story to go with it.

That's not a "real life excitebike" no less a "functional motorcycle", unless you think motorcycle function is limited to sitting on something that might roll if you push it hard enough.

I don't get it, is this an outright LIE to try to make the story more interesting, or did GW manage to miss that the thing doesn't have a motor?

it has no engine, is made from a bike frame, with about 150 lbs of mdf screwed on, and wooden wheels, wow, awesome? hmm

@10 That's not how it works. They made this video for people to watch it.

I watched it.
I didn't like it.
I get to complain about it.

Not AMAZING. or awesome. sorry.

I thought it was a video produced by Nintendo themselves, for a newer version of Excitebike..... if it was all done by this guy who also built this bike... BRAVO my friend.... BRAVO... or something

I think GW missed the point that the bike is just a prop, it's not functional and isnt' even itself the point of this story. The video was the point, and at that was fairly well done.

I'm impressed with the video, and probably would have said the bike prop was cool, until GW ran off at the mouth about "Amazing Real Life Excitebike" and "functional motorycyle!", which basically shits all over the reality of it.

I hope I provided them some inspiration, that would have been cool.

This was an advert for Fuel TV and was supposed to be 'based off' of Excite Bike, so it wasn't supposed to be a complete mockup of it. I've always been a fan of Justin Harder, well not always... just since I caught his 2004 demo reel back when it was fresh. This definitely has his style in it. Not amazing, but for what it's supposed to be I think it definitely has geek cred.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? hit the jump for fucking spam?!?!??

WTF? Is this the same GW writer as always?? So fckn lame. "functional motorcycle". Where the hell did he get that???

Looks familiar ..

That video was AWESOME!!!

I feel inspired to do something like that XD

I mean, it was pixeled XD (in it's own way). Simplyput, an amazing video. Thanks for showing it here :D

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