Aug 10 2010Wow, You Also Did It Right: Another Example Of How To Successfully Quit Your Job


First the plane-jumping flight attendant, and now a girl who quit her job via a mass-email sent to the entire office containing 33 pictures of her with messages written on a whiteboard. I don't want to ruin it for you, but you should definitely hit the jump to see the part about what her boss called her, then the link to see all 33 pictures, including how her boss likes to spend his time online. Now, before you leave a message in the comments offering to hire her -- no, she doesn't want your lap-sitting job. But I do ;)


Hit the jump, then the link. Seriously, you'll want to quit today.









Girl quits her job on dry-erase board, emails entire office [thechive] (with a bunch more, must see)

Thanks to Evil Ares, Heather, Daniel, Anna, Tyler, Amanda, Evy, Jessi and nilblog, who would have done the same thing except with a video and chalkboard so they could scrape their fingernails down that shit like SKRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE.

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Reader Comments

First. also, sexy.

hopa indeed

wait hpoa = hopa = province of turkey ? what, we're all confused here girl.

I'm just looking for an excuse to do the same thing.

Well she does look like a HPOA

yes...she is cute...

...cute enough to know it was coming eventually and just needed the excuse

She looks like the girl that would be in a terrible teen movie where she's the outcast-ed nerd and the jock makes a bet that he can turn her hot and really all she has to do is take off her glasses and let her hair down and give me a blow job and she's hot.

Good lookin GW!
If I had an assistant.....this would be her!

I hope she finds a career in porn. So I could fap to her HPOA.

This has to be the post most full of win in a long time. Tried to follow the link but our work software blocks it. Good thing for the iPhone!

Just moving on? She should sue for sexual harrassment.

Fake, viral ad, probably for the dry-erase boards...

I'd throw it in her ass...

She is a hot piece of ass tho, just saying. If she worked with me I'd probably not be able to concentrate all day... Good riddance!

@12. Christo - I fear you are absolutely correct. This is bullshit.

Did she take these pictures on company time? yea were going to have to dock her last paycheck for that.

That Spencer dude she called out is a obviously a complete fucking retard, you would have to be to play that much farmville. Im half tempted to send the poor bastard a helmet.

A white board? Really? Way to showcase your tech-savy skills to help you get a new job.


She's too hot to be an assistant. Fake.

@7 exactly!

@19 - Hahaha
@18 - I like to think she was merely "pronouncing" it when she wrote "HOPA." Easier to say than, "Aytch Pee Oh Aye."

Rofl, she wears glasses to look smarter. What a dumbass.

Also, HPOA? More like tepid.

She's got DSLs too.

I'm willing to bet her ex-boss was an ugly and not very successful mofo, or she'd be HOPAing on his lap and showing him her ass-istant skills.

@19: I dunno, there's some RIDICULOUSLY HOPA secretaries where I (act like I) work. It makes it tough to work sometimes.

Cute and Dyslexic........

Last line in her future resume says "would you like fries with that?"

Pics or it didn't happen

@26 - hahah! I laughed.

at least the boss was trying to be discreet. he could have said something more vulgar but he used an acronym.. i mean what is she, middle eastern??

HIRED! Wait, I meant hard. HARD!


Her clothes change on the last picture and HOPA vs. HPOA, make up your mind woman.

very nice... looks like Dani Woodward.

Dyslexia and random change of clothing aside...I forgot where I was going with this. She's hot.

good for her, defying her boss and standing up... for... stuff.... god she's hot. What was I just talking about?

i want to smack that ass with my ipad grrrrrrrr

attention whore

y'all are whack for not getting this. it's supposed to be pronounced HA-POA, like the actually acronym. She's making fun of him for not even getting the saying right, instead calling her a HOPA.

at the end she changes clothing, either mocking him because he called her a HOPA, or to flaunt that she indeed is a HPOA, or BOTH. sir watson out

Most like fake and an attempt to cash in on the stir from the JetBlue guy from yesterday.

This wouldn't be that website's first concocted "news" story.

April fools

I'm sure she's got a great personality, whatever the fuck that means

She is a hot piece of ass. What the fuck is the dumb bitch complaining about? If her asshole boss spent a bunch of time playing on his computer that means she didn't have to worry about him being all over her hot ass bugging her about work related issues. Whatever...


I came.

Damn I thought for sure this was going to end with a fisting

how could she take that as anything other than a completely accurate complement?

I think she do a better job doing UPS commericials.

Women get offended when men state the obvious.

End of argument.

Well her boss was right.

She wanted to be a broker. She quit a job in a down economy, so she isn't going to be getting UI while hse spends a year looking for another job. She's is going going to be getting ah broker.

I was expecting more of skin and less of clothing towards the end.

I was very disappoint.

she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAWT

Elyse Porterfield my DREAM!

i would love to [i came] have her in my apartment for a night or 2.

those beautiful green [i think] eyes are killing [i came again] me.
she is also an intelligent one [i came for 3rd] to pull this story off.

BTW it's a HOAX.

I blame Andy Warhol for these recent jobshite get on tv media bastards.

A broker assistant with all this creativity for merchandising/marketing...sounds suspicious..

this was a fake set up by two guys in an attempt to get attention.

The fact that so many comments here are trying to place her as dyslexic because of the HOPA HPOA mix up is only proving that those very people didn't click the link to check the 33 pictures.

If you did, you'd see that she actually illustrated the letters were transposed by "shaking" the whiteboard to display the correct spelling.

The whole thing was pretty cute and VERY funny.

The guy spent most of his online work hours on Farmville! lol



such a Hot Of Piece Ass

This story is fake. Shes an actress who was hired to do this. Sorryyyyyy

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HOPA vs HPOA: She was OBVIOUSLY pointing out how much of a dumbass her boss was buy saying "HOPA" and not "HPOA" hence the "?????" and the "WOW"

I got that RIGHT AWAY. Sheesh. Put down the pipe, already.

Its not like he was wrong to call her a hpoa... i would say he was just quoting facts...

Here's the pics for the HOAX

Got me yesterday though.

I'd second that!

Would crush her pussy

Hoax.... I used to admire her, now I realize that she's not an HPOA, she's just a retard.

Nice. It's a hoax. Kind of takes the fun out of it when it's not real. Don't post shit like this.

DAMN! OK, well in her boss' defense...I mean...DAMN...I can't think right now...WOW! I'm crying inside...I really life is unfair...

DAMN, it was a hoax. But the hot to hoax ratio was waaaay in her favor, so it's ok.

Well...her boss is right, she certainly is a H.P.O.A
I hope my boss hires her in my office because I believe my co-workers can agree that we need more HPOA's to "Associate" ourselves with..bad office puns FTW!

retarded. why would you put out your own hoax. it wasnt even that good to begin with.

elyse looks fun and is kinda cute though ;)

hoax! struggling actor/publicity stunt.

Everyone knows chicks that hot don't have real jobs like working for/aspiring to be a broker.

I said HOPA!
I always brag about my secrataries!
I'm a bussiness man damn it!

Fake, done by TheChive, p and coming (thechive) actress Elyse Porterfield

She also starred in such favorites as; "Trump Tip Hoax", and "Teen Texting Disaster". See her next in "To the guy who hit on me last night"

Pretty girl, I would drink her bath water

Freakin hoax -.-

Although the books on the shelf behind her might trick you into thinking she's intelligent, think again. On message #2 she wrote "Being your assistant's been a special hell". Nice use of the apostrophe, brainiac.

Yes, this is cute.

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