Aug 20 2010The Saddest Thing You'll Read All Weekend


Wow. You guys are almost as good at science as you are spelling. Which is not at all. I'm serious, you're dumb as shit and ought to be ashamed. God knows your parents are. Want to be smarter? You're in luck -- drink this. Haha, ignore the skull & crossbones, that's just the symbol for pirate juice.

Facebook Explains Gravity [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Joey, who drinks pirate punch like it's going out of style. Pfft, pirate punch will never go out of style!

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Thats funny.

GW is being a facebook stalker today. I half like it, half getting bored.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I knew women didn't understand gravity.

Doesn't any of you understand the gravity of this?

that really is sad. something tells me that that girl will definitely not be a rocket scientist

What I don't get is how someone could think that a plane can go upside down just by travelling long distances. How is that supposed to work? I don't understand this concept. Will someone please explain what is going on in this person's head?

My brain hurts...

Fake, shadows etc

also GW has stooped so low as to post some tween conversation on Facebook as an article? seriously?

Well, the good thing is, if she's cute she don't need to know any of this to make a good living. In fact, she doesn't need to know anything (except how to move her ass and blow cock).

What is gravity?

I believe her confusion stems from her presumption that the perspective doesn't shift as the plane, or anything, goes around the Earth.
Say she watches the plane leave from the North Pole, as it reaches the South Pole, from her perspective, two dimensionally, the plane is upside down.

And, alas, not one of them knows how to spell.

The sad thing is if this chic isn't hot, she's going to have a hard time figuring out which side of the burger you cook first at McDonalds!

#8, I'm with you -- I can't figure out how she's visualizing this. I'd love to hand her a globe and a plane and ask her to show me what she thinks happens. If she keeps it in a fixed position, I might ask her to try to land it in her hometown airport (assuming she can locate it). Maybe she thinks it'll crash on its side.

Might I add, me, that she stays at the North Pole, though it should be assumed.

Why yes, me, you may, see you tonight?

Why... I would love to!


Maybe I answered your question?

Bong hits for that girl who thinks thenorth pole and south pole are parallel to each other

I really hope that "Stephanie" is actually an infant and not a grown-ass woman who's spawned.

Oh, and I am in no way saying this chick is not an idiot. From her spelling of plane (plain) and gravity (gravaty: SERIOUSLY!?) alone, one can conclude she's not the sharpest of people.

@16 Maybe we can ask her to post a video or something? I know someone censored her second name, but surely some Geekologie reader is friends with her. It's not impossible that someone will find her.

Im new to this site and i dont even know why im commenting on this its plain to see she is not the brightest light bulb in the house. so now that i said that im out. xbox360 GT XxGUNxSHOTZxX ADD ME not!

no one ever accused women of being smart...

@24 How nice we got a sexes a$$ hole on here

Facebook is for teenage girls and dumb guys that don't know any better. i can't wait until this piss poor trend goes the way of Hammer Pants...

@26 i agree facebook is dumb just like textin its all for lil kids wat happened to person to person interacting.

Ok so i found out the answer to her brain funtions.after doing some thinking,experiences,brainstorming and some brain breakdowns,i found no answer.God then came to me and gave me the answer to that.So here's a very detailed picture of it(Put on some 3D glasses for a better understanding).I know some of the part are irrealistic like my space since it has no stars or planets but i might work on it next time.So here's the picture :

You can thank me for solving one of the biggest mystery of life

these are the people that procreate the most... sad

once again i have lost my faith in humanity...

I can haz pirate juice?!?

Pirate punch makes me fill fun inside for sum reason. yes i spelled {some} like this sum.damn grammer freaks.xbox360 gamertag XxGUNxSHOTZxX add me for an A$$ whipping in mw2 {call of duty modern warfare}.

The "answer" was equally stupid

what is up and down really?

who decides up is up and down is down?

If you're a woman, you're proving 'mr guy' right due to your horrendous spelling of sexist.

Heh...Good stuff.


This is why everyone hates America.

i'm vary konfused....
maybe some pirate juice willl clear things up!

The saddest part is the person who (sort of) had enough of a grasp on the concept to explain it can't spell either.

Jessica, let me explain.

Gravity's rainbow stretches across the sky and keeps the air in. It tastes like Skittles. Saturn's rings are made of rainbow gravity and powdered Unicorn horn. There's even a rainbow around Uranus come iPad.

When you're riding the rainbow sometimes you don't know what's up or down and you don't care. Turn on, tune in and drop out daddy-oh. This isn't Kansas anymore.

Like a, whoa, a full rainbow, all the way. Double rainbow, oh my God! It’s a double rainbow all the way. Whoa, that’s so intense! Whoa! Man! OH MY God! AH AH AH! God! WHOW! OHHHH! OH, OH OH! WOW!! WOOOAH! YAAAAA!

Oh my God! Oh my God! Look at that! It’s starting to look like a triple rainbow. Oh, my God, its full on. Double rainbow all the way across the sky! Oh my God! (sobbing) Oh my God! Oh! God! What does this mean? Oh Ohhhh God! Its so bright! It’s so bright and vivid. So beautiful! (sobbing with amazement) (laughing with joy).

Hmmm anyone notice that its her friend jem who took the screenshot?

Not like it would effect the subject of the peice

no, no you can't son, no you can't

Totally Trolled.

WELL, I mean... North is up and South is down. Makes sense to me.

@41: hahaha! awesome observation. also notice how jem was the only non-dumbass on that whole devastating post? i hope she is re-evaluating her friendships tonight, and i really hope jessica's parents are regretting the fact that they didn't get that abortion...

@37 "Aeroplane", "neva", and "coz"...definitely English.

Are you kidding? Is this seriously the level of grammar our offspring are exhibiting?

@28, I think that might be exactly what was going on in her head. I mean, there is no other way the plane can "land" upside down from takeoff from the north pole to the south pole

Come on GW; what's up with the Facebook crap! One post is okay... but now, it seems kind of fishy. As in stinky. As in blah.

Gravety iz so confuzings! I dont understands it, and I waz the prezident of thes USA! Theyz musts be republicans likes me. I dident no they hads republicans in the UK... I shuld hav campaned ther two and gotz mor votez!

@ 6: LOL!

Whats with today's facebook posts?

Well, Jem seems to know what's up. And she can spell.

"aeroplane" IS english..but not american english.. sadly todays american youth couldnt possibly grasp the concept of "aero" anydamnthing. just look at all the mind numbing whore-dribble that took place. I havent heard anyone under 30 in america say "aeroplane",definitely from europe somewhere..

and... my brain just puked up in my mouth a little bit. thanks, Geekologie Writer!

@Dishy- I don't know how to say it in any other way, so here it goes: I love you man! You crack me up!

I threw up. Wtf is this.

@30 Same Sigh :(

Omg I think I lost a few IQ by reading this seriously they don't know how to write


I wish there was a specific virus that targeted I.Q deficient people and gave them strokes.....

@56 Nataya, I don't even remember writing that. Except in flashbacks.

Sad part is Facebook does have spellcheck

its okay, she doesnt need to be concerned about it since she will spend the rest of her life going up and down on a stripper pole.

The saddest thing about this is these people are everywhere.
I used to go through life assuming there was a baseline for intelligence. That, no matter how idiotic you seemed, most people were at least capable of rudimentary logic.
I've learned in the last couple years how wrong I've been. Some people are brick-dumb and no amount of complex concepts boiled down and dressed up with pretty graphics is ever going to change that.
Sucks too, since some of these unrepentantly dumb people are fairly attractive.
Sadness, I has it.

Oh! I thought I was optimistic by thinking this was the baseline of intelligences in people, old and young. Let's not kid ourselves old people! You guys are stupid fucks too. You just think you're better because you're older.

I'd just like to say that there is a difference between ignorance (which is a lack of comprehension due to unfamiliarity with a subject) and stupid (which is a complete and utter inability to reason based solely on common sense).
For example: Kim is ignorant of history, or more specifically, the crusades.
Conversely: Tom is stupid. He put his dick in the toaster last week.
This would qualify as stupidity.

Kudos to the fellow who suggested giving her a globe and a model plane too. I'd love to see what she did. I'm also curious as to how she thinks cars avoid this quandary, Maybe because they're already on the ground?

I feel bad for 'Little' in this. I think she needs new friends.
Seriously. They are adults right?

I bet they think the earth is the center of the universe, lol

My brain is still trying to fathom how she thought the plane got upside down. I's a curvilinear surface, gravity and aerodynamic lift keep the plane oriented belly towards the ground, at which point does the plane do a barrel roll and end up upside down?

I think the idea of giving her a globe and a model plane would do wonders for her basic understanding. Then perhaps show her an atlas page and get her to make the link between a curvilinear surface and a 2D representation of that surface.

@64 She'll probably go up the stripper pole right way up and never be able to come down because she can't understand that she doesn't need to go upside down to do so.

And to @5 and @24 who thought women are stupid and can't understand gravity - I'd like to point out that I'm female, I'm a pilot, and I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I count myself as being well above average intelligence and I understand gravity JUST fine!

FYI: People who learn UK English will say aeroplane, people who learn US English will say airplane. As an Australian I've gotten used to both spellings, though I prefer aeroplane.

@62 Doesn't mater, just keep up the good work! Actually you remind me of a friend of mine, he has the same kind of humor and doesn't remember most of the time he ever said something, so I'm use to it!

I'm working on my Physics PhD. Sometimes, with the economy the way it is, I worry about competition and the job market- will I be able to get a job after graduation? Things like this ease my mind- I know that I'm secure and that Taco Bell will never run out of employees to make my chalupa.

However, it raises an additional concern... God, if you exist, don't let any of my future offspring mate with hers!

man what a fail ...i loled so hard

fucking magnets - how do they work?

ohh ohh can i has some pirate juice?

Never mind planes, I always fly autogyro.

I've just lost faith in humanity

That made me sad and angry.

@69 SamD - You seem to have proven you are not stupid for being female but if Australia is anything like the U.S. you've negated any ground you gained by admitting you're a pilot not to mention one with a degree. The starting salary for many pilots in the U.S. is around $24,000 a year, managers at McDonalds make more. They may still think the plane is going to land upside down but who cares they can't afford to fly anyway. How do you ever hope to pay off your student loan?

@28 i think you've played mario bro a bit too much...

What's with all the whining? I mean have you BEEN to YouTube lately?
There's your scary shit, right there!

And these are the people who we are entrusting our future to. God damn I hope I die of cancer before then.

@ 8
rocket scientist-hell she'll make a great prostitute!

sorry number 7

@ 8; 16
couldnt figure out how this girl visualized it till my girlfriend ex-aero-plained it for me. it made sense to her... :/

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