Aug 20 2010Magic Wands!: Warner Brothers Suing Manufacturer Of 'Harry Popper' Condoms


So apparently Warner Bros. is suing the Swiss manufacturer of 'Harry Popper' condoms for copyright infringement because the name's too similar to Harry Potter's. Personally, I don't see it. Wiener magic! Per questionable Google translation:

The lawyer of the film Giant, "Everyone who sees condoms from thinks automatically of Harry Potter." No one could seriously argue the opposite. Deliberately feed on the sex shop from the image of magician's apprentice: youthfulness, magic. On the package a signed Pariserli swings glad his wand. The unmistakable Rundbrille not missing. The condom-seller extended-range Popper be gradually since 2006, a successful product.

"If this does not stop the court, there is a wildfire," cautioned the applicant's lawyer. For Warner Brothers is obvious: The sorcerer Harry Potter have a "very positive image." Condoms have no business there. Especially not now. According to Warner Bros. in November to plan the launch of the new Potter movie. Also a new video game is in preparation. The lawyer for Warner Bros. bluntly: "The image of my client is in danger."

Remember: safety first, wizards. Never cast a spell on a witch's vagina without sheathing your magic wand first. Unless the vagina you're casting on is actually an old gym sock, in which case 1) that's sad as f*** and 2) at least upgrade to a dress sock. Just sayin', you only get one wiener (or in my case, five), it deserves a Gold Toe.

Warner Brothers Sues Swiss Condom Company 'Harry Popper' [defamer]

Thanks to Cory, who doesn't need Harry Popper condoms to make magic in the bedroom. Just a cauldron and spell book.

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Reader Comments


Damn A defend spell for my well known "Abracadabra-You-Are-Fucking-Pregnant-Bitch" spell.

ooohhhhhhh harry potter condoms..... coollllll

Will it Pop?!?!? ¬¬.....

They can't sue he doesn't even have a scar. In other news I've just been to the chemist and gotten some "Tom Ritalin" and some "VolderWart" cream.

Comes in two sizes... regular and Hagrid

(yeah, I heard that on Mancow)

Sorry, I will never use a condom that has the word POP in it.
I don't want no stinkin kidz yo.

Poppen is german for fu**, so it's Harry Fu**er!

uh, do wizards USE condoms? I thought there was like a spell that they did afterward to prevent pregnancy... "Expellarimous Spermietoesis" or something...

Really? Not Harry Pauper?

Hello ! I'm the party popper !

Humourless bastards who can't get off their high horses. I laughed when I saw that pic, so why can't Warner Bros guys??

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