Aug 21 2010Pull The Trigger, DO IT!: Popsicle Handguns


So I'm in Manhattan Beach waiting for some wine and cheese festival to begin (because I'm classy as shit free booze) and thought to myself, "self, you should really go the closest bar and write Geekologie articles until the wine starts flowing. You know, get a head start on the festivities." BOOM -- here I am! Popsicle handguns: they teach kids about gun safety.

In 2003, Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth placed about 50 handgun replicas in downtown Frankfurt. The guns were made from tinted ice, making them look real at first sight.

In 2009 they did a new edition of their Freeze! project but made the guns eatable by using coke, licorice, cherry and food coloring.

I can hear the soccer moms screaming in outrage even as I type this. That said, you really shouldn't encourage children to put gun-shaped objects in their mouths. Paint chips and LEGO blocks sure, but guns? Not cool. Also not cool: this beer I've been drinking. Shit's hotter than demon urine. OMG, I think I picked up somebody's leftover. I thought I tasted napkin!

Hit the jump for three more incredibly sensual shots, including a chick that looks like that chick that pretended to be a dude in that one movie.




Life Like edible Popsicle Handguns! [geektyrant]

Thanks to 43 y/o undead warlock, who doesn't need popsicle guns because he has a freezer full of witch's tits.

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Reader Comments

Those popsicles in the final picture.. don't look like popsicles at ALL.

This is SICK [in a good way]

BORING SATURDAYS AT THE BAR FTW. (And everyone thought Facebook places were bad. Pffft.)


Or a fourthtard.

Cherry please.

Next thing you know there will be popsicles that look like genitals.

Wow - you can't have popeye "cigarettes" (now Popeye candy sticks) but you can sell these?

i fapped to this ;)

just the lady bits to be clear


this isn't funny. when all you 20-something losers have kids, you might understand... but i doubt it, 'cause you'll all be looking at SCREENS when your kids are crying. if this is where this fucking blog is going, then the net IS over.


Come on, it's adult humor. No I wouldn't give one to my child but maybe my bachelorette party where I'd practice offing myself after marriage.

get a sense of humor, you know that little kid is at home everyday playin' cod:mw2 callin' people fags and now the tables turned. just keep hatin' on the twenty somethin's acting like you did shit right. when's the last time your kid told you they loved you, and you actually thought they meant it. you prob didn't give em enough popsicle handguns. lemme get a little cherry squirt ftw!!

LOL, GW. That does look like Hilary Swank. I totally knew who you meant before I saw the pic, too. LOL.

Damn, Dr. Smallberries, grow a pair of bigguns and chill the fuck out. Anyone who refers to it as "the net" doesn't need to be reading this stuff anyway.

cool beans! now i won't get phallic comments about licking popsicles anymore

@12 you might wanna get that sand out of your vagina


WTF kind of face do those chicks make when sucking on a "popsicle"


You could use these to do an armed robbery, then eat the evidence.


I love it when people act like they are superior, and indefinitely wiser as soon as that first child pops out. You start bastardizing people younger and without children of their own. You parade your baby pictures on face book and constantly make videos of them making a funny face, and act like you enjoy having a kid. Then you go ahead, act way over-protective, lose any sense of humor, and become the sour freedom-less cold soul you hoped to never be. Meanwhile you see people having fun on "the net", still unburdened by the responsibility of rearing a child, you become increasingly bitter, and badger them just to make yourself feel better, and try to believe that you made the correct decision of accidentally getting your girlfriend pregnant.

get off my lawn, you damn commie gun lickin' twentysomthing pinko.

@22 Damn man! I would of just said - 'Hey, shut up and repect meh authoriteh!!!'

My kid needs these, he'd be the coolest bastard child in the trailer park.

If only they could make a working one that fires a real 'ice bullet' and bam, the perfect murder weapon.

Jeesh I let my daughter play with my guns all the time. She loves the way the powder residue tastes. Its safe shes only 2 and has no idea what a trigger is and can barely reach it anyway.

Bong hits for jesus!! Damn now all they need to do is make an ak47,p90,intervention,and a .44 magnum with tacknife and i would be happy. gamertag XxGUNxSHOTZxX ill quickscope u with my intervention popsicle anyday.Got my run fast on so my .44 magnum tacknife popsicle wont melt.

Mira Costa alum, whaaaat '04!

why woman has no right to have a sugardaddy? and why guys can't have a younger women to spoil? I support all these.
____S u g a r D a d d y H u n t __C_O_M

This is the closest we'll get to forcing a genocide of all the idiots on the planet

I wonder if they have bazooka flavor?


The last picture really does look like a freezer full of black dongs....

Remind me not to attend that party.

that is messed up......someone has to much time on their hands

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