Aug 10 2010Pikachart: Pokémon, The Infographic


Note: This is only a lil taste of the chart, hit the jump for the whole thing.

This is an informational graphic all about the Pokémon franchise. I learned a lot reading it, but mostly that reading makes my eyes hurt. Also, I'm getting tired of informational graphics. "But GW, I've been bitching about that for months!" SHUT UP AND ONLY SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO. I swear, you keep it up and I'll Pokémon both your eyes out with a pool cue.

Hit it for the poster in its entirety.

Catch All This Pokemon Info [kotaku]

Thanks to Greg, who caught 'em all and isn't sure what to do next.

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Reader Comments

Wheres the link, GW?

There's no link to show the entire graph.


i wish i could see it >.>

hit it! just hit it!

You are a cruel temptress.

I'd tap that if only I could hit it.

quick fix gw!

It just bugs me that their phrase is "Gotta Catch 'em All!" but they keep adding more to the list. It's like, "yep, I did it!" and then they gotta go, "nope! get your ass back out there!"

I see it... And I am now depressed and I will never look at Pokemon the same...

Poke-ur-mom. Gotta snatch em all.

@9 The phrase "Gotta Catch 'em All!" hasn't been used in any of the games since Crystal- which was released a decade ago.


I knew all of that. POKEMON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF? Why is the symbol for ground a bird?

Why is there a bird at GROUND pokemon?

Where are all the eyes??????

@15 Because the bird is on the ground??? duuuh

No really I asked myself the same thing, and why Ice is a hadouken D:

wtf misty is only 12? ooohhhh shiii-

If Pokemon Black and White only adds 30 new pokemon, the game will fail hardcore since Masuda said the games will only feature generation five pokemon until the player gains the national dex. His idea is to make the pokemon experience the same for both newbies and vets alike, similar to generation 1.

I reckon generation 5 will probably have around 150 new pokemon.

I don't think I'll jump into that game right away.

Did anyone else look at the Psychic symbol and think

The graphic is kinda blurred and I thought one of the new types of Pokemon was Crass. Wow, that's erudite for the kids, maybe they are cooler than I thought. Then I looked again and saw Grass, oh well

Wasn't the polygon episode heavily edited and eventually aired as a "lost episode" a few years later? I vaguely remember watching it on TV and being really excited because it was "banned" and therefore twice as interesting as a child (and then being really bored with it)

I am not sure if people are aware of this but just wanted to gently point out that Brooke Shields unlike most actresses in Hollywood actually went to an Ivy league college (Princeton Univ.) and graduated. We have to give her some credit for this especially nowadays where most young actors are busy getting wasted every u ever heard about ``sugardaddyhunt.**cOoOm?the best place to get a sugarbaby or sugardaddy.i strong advise u singles go to have a look

@ Nelly: the "banned episode" that eventually aired in the US was a different one. It involved a beauty contest in one part and, if I'm not mistaken, was banned because it involved James dressing in a bikini with fake boobies. Much to Misty's chagrin, James was bustier than her, in spite of the fact he's not a woman.

Those scenes were deleted from the edited version.

Well it didn't mention that Jessie and James are 17.The first pokemon were also went to 250 in the beginning and not 150 people it was made like that to get kids to buy more games and start off slow in the beginning (proof:ho-oh is in the first episode The first episode of Pokémon aired in Japan on April 1st, 1997. It aired in America September 8th, 1998 and gold/silver came out in 1999 for japan and 2000 for America)

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