Aug 6 2010Paper Cuts!: Fun Facts About South Park


This is an informational graphic all about South Park. Except this is by no means the whole thing so you need to hit the jump to see it in its entirety. It's like if my penis was a Geekologie article there's no way I could post it on the front page without it crushing all the other articles and then flopping out of the monitor onto your keyboard. Yes, exactly like that. But with more angels singing and fireworks going off in your eyeballs.

Hit it for the interestingly informational graphic.


Facts about South Park [onlineschools]

Thanks to Eric, who once South Parked his car in a ditch after swerving to miss a squirrel.

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That's right people, it's Eric Who. I am the Eric, who

Sort of like Dr. Who, I am always the person people think of, who

So don't forget whom.

Eric, who

Ehm... No danish cartoonist has been killed over their Muhammad cartoons (yet!)...

south park is most definitely prolific

@4 The person who created the graphic just mixed it up with the killing of Theo Van Gogh, which was what the South Park threat referenced.

All in all, retarded facts. All extremely common knowledge if you are even remotely familiar with the show.

anything can be done with construction paper and glue, even an award winning show :P

There was a news article put out saying he cartoonist had been killed but it turned out to be false. He's still alive although has nearly been killed by an intruder in his home.

It was a chipmunk!

About that muhammad thing.
No Danish carton artist was killed. He had been tryed assasinated by one drunk guy with an ax, who was arrest infront of hes house.

Even tho he did piss of lot's of peeps. :)

Get the facts right..

@7: Since the show went into production, it's been entirely computer animated. It only looks like it's still made of cutouts.

My Mom Says: "There's a lot of black people in Africa"

Thanks to Eric who...

has no soul so his GW cookies don't show up. =p

Doh looks like GW fixed it.

may south park live foreva!

favourite show of all time!

One of the best lesser knowns is that one of the programmers from EA sports embedded an easter egg on the Tiger Woods 99 game for the Playstation. The file when converted and played on a PC was the original Jesus vs Santa episode in all it's glory.

also, after reading this, i noticed they made a reference to a danish cartoonist. I believe they actually meant Theo van Gogh, which (if i remember correctly) was brought up in an interview with both Matt and Trey concerning the whole Muhammad ordeal.

Long live South Park. Without it, our Freedom of Speech right would go unexercised, and the Politically Correct drones out there would have nothing much to freak out about.
Since when do people care about what other people think? Since a few bombs went off, of course.
Think about it: A few of the PC terms are a tad offensive.
"Asian American" for example. I'll let you think about that.
(And yes, I am a South Park nerd.) sucks ass.

i liked how in frosty vs jesus cartman was named kenny and he dies. then kenny (who im assuming was named cartman) dies. very funny.

The Danish who drew the prophet Muhammed, is not dead. He is living well and his name is Kurt Westergaard.


Common Knowledge infostrip is common knowledge....
I am still uber disappointed that CC censored the 200th episode... bitches.

Screw You Guys I'm going home!!

I'm not "First", but 26th is still way cooler than the tard at No.2. Just sayin'
And don't' come bitching to me, klaxton; you deserve every bit of this.

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This show just gets better and better with age. I can't image a world without it. All things Generation X.

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