Aug 18 2010Mmmm, Meaty Skin-y: The KFC 'Skinwich'


Kentucky Fried Cruelty is allegedly testing a new sandwich at select stores. What kind of sandwich? Try "5 layers of fried chicken skin, lumped on a bun and topped with white american cheese and bacon." Mmmm, I can already feel my intestines trying to escape out my butthole. Per somebody who had the misfortune of trying one:

Nasty. The richness of all that fatty seasoned skin is totally overwhelming. It's also tongue-parchingly-salty.

I started to gag and got that "brushing the back of your tongue" feeling. Had to spit it out. In KFC's defense, the sandwich was luke-warm after taking the pics. But I doubt it would be much better hot.

With this latest move and the Double Down's success, KFC may be catching up to Hardees/BK in the "making sandwiches so nauseating they generate buzz" dept.

I don't know about you, but when I close my eyes and think "delicious", a pile of fried chicken skin is definitely in the top three. Okay, okay -- top ten. Thousand. Right behind a football.

Hit the jump for several more shots of the WTFery.




Taste Test: KFC's new 'Skinwich' [brainresidue]

Thanks to Matt, who ate two and still saved room for a side of slaw. That's muh boy!

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Gribenes is a classic Jewish food made from fried chicken skin. Will KFC be offering it with chopped liver?

PS - you can't put tags in your HTML .

It stripped my triangle brackets.

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As an adult, to eat that is just plain disgusting...and I thought the Double Decker was gross. this point, you just hate your heart.

I'm waiting for the 10-layer version.


I call shenanigans

Actually, that sounds really like my definition of delicious. Have to trie it


I honestly wish this wasn't fake. I mean chicken skin is just about the only reason to eat chicken to begin with, it's delicious. Plus, it's very "green"! You've got all these extra chicken skins laying around(ok, that's sounds kinda gross) from the skinless breasts, why not put them to tasty use?

I need to have this.

Hahah.. wow.. that shit is ridiculous.. really? this is real?

MMM I must have this

America...once a powerhouse of industry and innovation; all we can come up with is faster ways of making us fat, lazy, and eventually dead. Great; just freekin awesome......(one tear falls)

I'm vegetarian and this sounds/looks like some PETA bullshit.

Ok, ready now..GO!

All the self-righteous jerkwads can now begin telling us how "gross" that is, or how revolting and they could never manage to even choke that down. Also, don't forget to tell us how just one of those would result in spontaneous heart explosion.

It's five small pieces of chicken skin, less than you'd get in a 3 piece meal box. Go sow your panic somewhere else. We're sick of hearing you people talk about fucking fast food being so goddamn bad for us, while you eat butter and cream sauces and other crap with 5 times the fat of a burger, but you think it's better for you because you paid $30 for it.

I come here for truth. Not lies... fake fake lies...
You make me sad, GW, for showing me this, and making me think it was real.

I had four of these for breakfast. I call it the 4-skin-wich!

It's OK, I'm a Rabbi.

So the tester doesn't mind eating it when it's attached to a greasy chicken leg but without the chicken it's disgusting? I don't buy it for a minute and think the tester was just ashamed to claim liking it.

It only stands to reason that if you eat KFC chicken then you should have no problem eating the skin sandwich.

Frankly the chicken alone makes me blow chunks but that's just me. However, if you like KFC or Tackko Bell then move to the Chicagoland burbs as there is a combo of the two on every street corner. Try and find a Sonic though...forget it!

... "topped with white american cheese" ...

Non-dairy. And racist.

Who in their right mind would eat this garbage? Probably some fat and nasty black man or white man from the south.

"tongue ... salty ... overwhelming ... I started to gag ... had to spit it out ... was luke-warm after taking the shot ... much better hot."

Sounds like slash-fic.

It's a fake!

Look at the article and the cities that are "testing" it out.

Other Skinwich test stores:
Ekaf, Maine – Colbert Blvd.
Tihsllub, Oklahoma – Corner of 3rd & Twain.
Eritas, California – Dense St.

the towns backwards - fakE, bullshiT and satirE

Internet hoax. BOOSH.

@19: Nice. Until someone makes a SCAB-wich, this will have to do.

@24 ur rite, ur the detective, ur the private dick. emosewA.
@25 sand-witch is sandy, scab-witch is scabby.

flesh-eating zombies will love this sammich

Hey they have that at my KFC, i guess ours was one of the lucky "select few"

KFC is doing their damned best to save social security. Now about that government healthcare...

I worked at a Yoshinoya for a while. One creep out of the thousands that I served asked for extra skin. That moment haunts me. The Double Down rocks, this not so much.

lol he but he still ate two

Kentucky... Fried... Cruelty... so when'd you become one of those lame PETA hippies. I'm all for humane treatment of animals, but PETA is not the group that should be doing it, bunch of fanatics and stupid as hell liberal nut-jobs. They ever come here I'm setting up a counter protest BBQ, BYOM!

Heres what they should've done, instead of a sandwich, offer them as a side like fries. Fried chicked skin kicks ass. I might go there for just the skins, but the local Albertsons Deli still has my vote for best fried chicken in town.

@24 even better, the streets are Colbert, Twain, and Dense ^_^

People who make a big deal of this are fucking retarded. It looks awesome.

For a fat fetishist girl like me...this is awesome. Have to get my boyfriend ten of these.

Needs Gravy, the white kind.

Is this for real? Ugh.


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i tried to make one with snake skins but it too chewy

Everyone is going on about how gross it is.. but the coating of KFC is the only reason people eat at KFC. I dunno about in US, but if they sold it here in UK it would totally sell.. Although,not that they ever could sell it over here, we're not even allowed to sell most US candy lol.

We made a skinwich at work today, have a look at an entertainment reporter creating and consuming one!

I'm sorry, but this has to be the BEST FREAKIN IDEA EVER!!!! I put chicken skin in the micro for 1:30 to 3:00 mins with garlic, and onion powder to make it nice and crispy fatty goodness. But this is also a great idea. Do you guys remember the first popcorn chicken thing in the 90's it was just chunks of chicken skin breaded. SO FREAKIN GOOD!! But no... the liberal food police said that was bad for us, so now it has to be all white chunks of chicken with no flavor.

This is a Hoax! For fucks sake, the towns that are testing the sandwich spelled backwards include "Bullshit", "Satire" and "Fake".

Well, this IS a hoax, but you can still try one of these tasty little beauties! Only, you guys do it wrong. Here in aussie Land I've been eating my own variation of this for years. You buy a two or three piece feed, which comes witha bread roll. You tear off some skin from your chicken - I buy a three pce so I can eat one full piece as well as my skinwich. YOu lay this on the bread, put some chips (fries) on top of this, then some potato+gravy. Optional second layer of skin - ALWAYS for me, plus some of the meat from the chicken too!
So there you have it boys and girls - the REAL Original recipe for the Skinwich!

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You guys are idiots. This is totally fake.

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