Aug 26 2010Man Shot In Head, Finds Out 5-Years Later


A Polish man was shot in the head on New Year's Eve 2005 and only recently discovered the bullet and had it removed. *no Polish jokes, no Polish jokes, no Polish jokes* HARD...TO...RESIST.

Robert Chojecki was partying on New Years Eve five years ago in the German town of Herne when he was hit with the .22-caliber bullet. Doctors removed it this week from between his skin and skull.

The Polish-born Chojecki told RTL television Wednesday he thought he'd been hit by fireworks, but later forgot about it.

He said at first he had "no pain, but approximately one year ago I started to get a headache."

Dude -- at one point there had to have been a bleeding hole in the back of your head, I'm just sayin'. That's something most people don't forget about. You, uh, you're a drinker, aren't you? BOOM -- everybody to the Mystery Machine, this case is closed.

Polish Man Shot In Head Thought He Had Been Hit By Fireworks [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Phil and Argh, who have both been shot before and screamed and cried until the bullets were removed like normal damn people.

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I forget lost of stuff when I'm drinking. And many times it's a good thing.

wow... first fail... that's imbarrassing

and your spelling is too

Bullet wounds don't always bleed like you see on TV. Especially bullets that are superficially embedded in the skull. Just sayin ;)

Sounds like the start of a new pollak joke...

"Like, ZOINKS Scoob.... I thought we were stoners".... just sayin

Good fucking lord.

I once was shot in the eye......with a rubber band. I lost the use of my left eye for almost 2 minutes.

Unfortunately because of the loss of depth perception I thought I was standing on a sidewalk when in reality I was in the road. I was hit by a Big Wheel traveling upwards of 4mph. Onlookers said I impacted the handlebars and flew almost 3 feet.

By the way, I landed on top of the kid that was driving.....He was killed instantly. On the bright side I regained full use of my eye! These stories always have a happy ending:)



huh you would think he would have his pain mapping software upgraded after this but nooo you humans are so strange. *roboflex*

Q: Why did the Polak cross the road?

A: He couldn't get his dick out of the chicken.


A 747 recently crashed in a cemetery in Poland.
Polish officials have so far retrieved over 2000 bodies.

Haha damn lag....

I put my dick in your mom and she didn't ever notice but hey, even a 747 looks small in the Grand Canyon...just ask Tom Hanks

Mother has been dead for 11 years. Necrophilia much? Nice to know she still got it though.

@15, FUNNY!

A guy i know had a car accident as a late teen and got a big gash between the top of his nose and his eye which was stitched up at hospital. about 15 years later he got accidentally elbowed in the eye and it got all swollen and infected. Went to the doc and he removed a 4mm square bit of glass windscreen they hadnt taken out all those years ago and sewn in there.

One time, I went further even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

These kind of things happen in all countries but of course the anti-Polish media puts an emphasis on the nationality of the guy to go along with all the Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people it has pushed for decades.

You just had a cannibal restaurant open up in one country. Trains in that country constantly crashing into each other, festivals in that country where the people trample on each other, Another country where the wedding dance floor collapsed on the 3rd floor, another country where a guy had a tree grow in his lung, Another country where a lady threw out a live cat in a garbage can in broadday light, another country where the people drink the same water they wash and crap in, etc etc yet the Anti-Polish media doesn't emphasize the nationality of those countries.

Just negative stories about Polish people to bring out all the Polish-haters they created from their previous anti-Polish hate propaganda.

yep. i'm not surprised. just goes to show that us Polish know how to fucking drink.

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