Aug 11 2010Later, Suckers!: How To Skip All The Other Floors When Riding In An Elevator


Has anybody ever tried this? I'd give it a go in my apartment's elevator but it smells like an old person died in there (I suspect it was the woman that lives above me). You've got to admit, this is pretty groundbreaking if it's true. God, with all you a-holes constantly floor-skipping your coworkers are gonna have to start using the stairs! And that, dear reader, is my plan for a healthier America (don't forget to mash every button and fart before diving out).

I-A-B Life Lesson #32: The Elevator Hack [iambored]

Thanks to Jackie, who always takes the stairs. I dunno, something about exercise. Girl you crazy!

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where are the fours ?

YES, Now my one floor elevator ride will be much faster!

The fours? It's probably a service elevator, used for moving supplies or people around.

Or Japan where fours are unlucky! ON A ROLL

No fours = asian elevator.

P.S. I have never known of this elevator trick to ever work. (I try it almost every lift I get into... it's how I roll)

I really want to try this but the only one anywhere near me has only two floors.

This is the definition old'd.

It may not have a 4 but it does have a 13

I had no idea... I'll try it on every elevator I step onto from now on, hurry or not

Yeah, this is pretty old and I've tried it on multiple elevators and it never worked for me.

@2 The 4 is a lie

This does work but not on every elevator. Some require you to push and hold like in the above other are a bit different.

push and hold the close button, select floor, when the elevator arrives at floor let go of close button.

push and hold close button, push and hold floor, when the elevator arrives at floor let go of buttons

push and hold close button, select floor, once elevator starts to move let go of close button.

Get a service key.

its called express mode, again not all elevators support this.

I have tried this on every elevator I ride for the last 7 years. It works on elevators made by only a few companies, and I haven't found any in Europe. It works on quite a few buildings in Seattle though.

I've been using this trick for years. It does NOT work in all elevators though. The owner can choose to disable it although many times it will still be enabled for going to executive floors and the lobby. It always works in a hospital although I do not condone using it there.

I wish I could try this, but my building has an elevator system where you punch in the floor you want to go to and it assigns you an elevator (one of six). I've only every seen the kind of system in my building in one other place -- a hotel in New Orleans.

Heard this one before. Not only does this trick not work in "all" elevators, from what I can tell it doesn't work in any elevators.

This trick does not work, but here is one that does....

1) be the first on the elevator and press your floor before anyone else presses a floor.
2) ask if anyone else needs a floor pressed for them.
3) if they say yes start swearing at them erratically, flail your arms, pull out some of your hair and throw it at them (don't forget to take 2 beers off the service cart)
4) Usually you will go straight to your floor without stopping anywhere else. (usually, not always)
5) I strongly suggest you don't use this method when visiting your local police station (though it was very nice to meet my cellmate Fred "anal" Lebowski)

This trick does not work in most elevators. Simple as that.

I tried it at work! It works!!! although not so fun when you only have two floors :(


..sorry to yell about that folks, but I wanted to get your attention

@20 ha!

doesn't work on Otis Gen2


The experts, however, say that the idea is nonsense, that elevators are not designed to do this, that people are talking crazy. “It’s just not so,” Charles Buckman, an elevator and escalator consultant in North Carolina, said the other day. “If it happens, it’s just happenstance.” He went on, “There’s no linkage in the control system between the door-control system and the floor-call system. Saying that one affects the other, that’s like saying people in America eat hot dogs, so therefore people in Africa eat hot dogs.”

Richard Gladitz, a service manager at Century Elevator, an elevator-maintenance company in Long Island City, concurred. “It really shouldn’t operate like that, unless there’s something wrong with it,” he said. “People will think that someone did something to make it pass by, but it might have something to do with the dispatcher, various elevator-bank issues, something of that nature.”

It actually does work on a specific type of Otis elevator. But its an older model and who the hell knows when you'll see one!?

@24 thanks, I was too lazy to copy & paste that snippet from the link

I had the service key to the elevators at my old job...3 elevators and 8 floors

It was so awesome to just let all those suckers wait!

What, did none of you ever go to college and live in a dorm?

Do you think those elevator guys would actually say, "Yes, it really works," and announce that info to the world, especially in New York? (I'm assuming these guys are in New York, due to the article being from the New Yorker website). I'm sure it does work on some elevators. It's a conspiracy man!!!

Ive seen this on 4chan years ago. I've tried it on just about every elevator I've been on (about 10) since it it has never worked for me.

been working on elevators for about 8 years now... it doesn't work, any elevator it does work in is just pure luck.

now if you have a fireman's key however...

Long last the robots!

Hmmm, so if I get in an elevator, try the trick, if I get to my floor, passing by all other floors, how am I supposed to know if the trick worked? Maybe nobody else was trying to go up

@24 but people in Africa DO eat hot dogs...

thats what all the believers can't seem to understand

@24 /disappointed. I didn't even get a chance to try it

@24 Wait! What? How does one become an elevator / escalator consultant?

Doesn't work on new models. If you go into an older building it'll work just fine.

if u did not kno this already ur stupid. its been known for some time. and it rude thats y most people do it.

if u did not kno this already ur stupid. its been known for some time. and it rude thats y most people do it.

I want to try it.

the elevator in my building is so old it'll probably break if i try it....

This is from a 4chan thread originaly !!!!

It works. I use it everytime I go to Vegas.

"Four", on Japanese, is "Yon" or "Shi". However, "Shi" in Japanese also means "Death".

That's why there is no "fourth" floors on Japanese buildings.

@9... if mispronounced, 4 means "death" in Japanese (i'm not sure about other asian languages). That's why you won't see any rooms in a hospital or floors with the number 4 in it. It's a superstition, just like our "13 = bad luck"

@6 Interesting info about number 4. So that's why iPhone 4 was a fail from the start! :)

what du i du if i havnt got ah cloze button??

@47 you keep skipping school, that's what you do

I known this for years, a trick my dad taught me. Works everytime, seriously

@48 awesome, you're comments are hilarious

Wow, is this breaking news to you?
I saw this on 4chan a long LONG time ago.

This infact doesnt work...I have been a Union elevator instructor for 12 years and the door close button will actually not even be able to be used by the public 99% of the time. Its for the fire fighters and the elevator guys to use when doing service or incase of a fire...and not a single fire fighter that I have talked to even knows how to use it properly, so its mainly for the elevator guys to use when the the elevator is on INDEPENDENT SERVICE...sorry to burst your bubbles. :)

Oh, guys, donnamush up!!! it s some kinda 21 century killah ma TRAP !!! do not try !!!

Oh wow, GW. You're late. Like, five years late.

Nowadays elevator manufacturers have begun to _remove_ this feature since it's so widely known. If you would have reported this in 2004, you would be the God of Internet by now.

Thats not what police use. They have a key that grants them complete control over the elevator.

@All of you who have tried it and it worked -- Did you think that maybe there was just no one on any floor wanting to go the direction you were going? lol. How often does that happen I wonder??

The trick i use is to push the stop button because it wipes all selected floors

Jesus Christ, Jesus! What is wrong with you?

I've tried this for years, it's never worked.

Why didn't the firefighters use this during 911? And people coming down could have greatly benefited.

where have you been? this site is getting pretty lame.

@42 Implying 4chan has original content

it totally works. i pushed both buttons on my girlfriend. she didnt stop. telling me she wasnt.. totally...

Old GW is Old unfortunately :(

@60 even if this worked, using an elevator in a burning and soon-to-collapse building isn't a good idea.

GAWWD I hope this works at my work. I'm sick of the tub-of-lards using the elevator from 7th to the 6th floor or vice-versa.

This does not work in my building or 12 elevators, though I hypothesize that it would work in old elevators.
Note I did not read any comments.


I don't even have a close button on my elevator.
BTW it is probably just something to make you look stupid. If such a feature exist, it certainly requires a key or something like this.

To avoid waiting just use the stairs, fat ass.

Just tried this at three different locations... none of them worked.

@48, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading that comment, and then I read yours. Too funny!

This did not work for me, I tried a modern german elevator from Thyssen Krupp and a unknown one.

To naas=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿̿ ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶ oh noez!!! and mahatmajonny--

I know this is months later, but you guys didn't read the FULL ARTICLE in the New Yorker that you referenced. The author of the article said that the "elevator experts" told him it didn't work but when he tried it himself, IT DID WORK.

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