Aug 16 2010Is This The World's Longest Email Address?


Allegedly this is the world's longest active email address. Except it's not because I have the world's longest active email address. Plus tongue. Please send all future death threats to: hey-gw-im-trying-to-contact-you-so-please-return-my-email-and-dont-just-throw-this-away-even-though-i-know-youre-going-to-i-urg

Peter Craig just set the URDB world record for the longest active email address which is 345 characters in length.


TLDNR. But I did pass your address along to every purveyor of boner pills on the internet. What?! It wasn't hard.

The World's Longest Active Email Address (345 Characters) [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Liquid Tension, mario mouse and Kristina, who sent their tips via the postal service because they're smart enough to know electronic mail is the devil's work.

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Reader Comments

I think Peter is trying to compensate for something.

Say that five times fast!

Oh thats just Great. Now there will be a slew of ridiculously long @$$ emails clogging up inboxes arounf the world. Thanks alot Peter!

@4 I agree, but it would be fun to see what these silly people can come up with.

LOL, I see what you did there, GW.

To paraphrase an old saying : its not how big your e-mail address is, its how you use it. (I use Mine to buy cheap prescription drugs)

Haha, I love how he's "ubber" cool.


The one with "uber" was already taken.

That's funny. Here's the my address I make my Windows using IT buddy contact me at "". It stops them from bitching about my Mac's being on the companies network... is the coolest address evar

GW, it's TL;DR... Not TLDNR XD


This is totally not news worthy.

The MSN chat have a lot of features, I would like to better understand it.

That's great and I agree, but it would be fun to see what these silly people..I love how he's "ubber" cool...I think Peter is trying to compensate for something.

GREAT.....NICE......>LIKE......IT.....>NICE....ONE.. yahoo

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