Aug 26 2010I Like Turtles!: Memes, The Infographic


Note: This is a long one. Full-length graphic HERE.

Did you know meme rhymes with dream? I did not. I always thought it was pronounced yo momma! Hoho -- she's so fat she jumped and got stuck! Just kidding, I like your parents. Unless you don't like one or both of them, in which case neither do I. We're a team, remember? We stick together. Except not now because I'm going to the bathroom. No, like sit-down bathroom. Yes, if I was just peeing we could still hold hands.

A Guide To Internet Memes [onlineuniversity]

Thanks to wingding80 and Stephen, who both attended online universities and agree the education was top-notch but the keggers were always sausage parties.

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When I was a kid, I bought the hamster dance CD online. If I were to listen to it now, I would implode.



didi di da di di dow dow di da di di dow, dididididididi dadiwdiwdow





@ 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9: FAIL

I thought meme was pronounced me-me o.o

I feel so stupid

That meme list is trash, obama girl? Seriously? What about bachelor frog...

you forgot about poland


I thought Boxxy would be in there. Or what about Charlie Bit my Finger?

Memes are some of the most terrible unfunny shit ever conceived by man.

And everybody loves them.

The way you have defined an internet meme is incorrect. In fact, there is NO SUCH THING AS AN INTERNET MEME. That's like saying "an IDEA is a thought someone has - and an INTERNET IDEA is something that appears on the internet". An Idea is an Idea. A Meme is a Meme. There can only be one;-)

Daisy isn't listed...

The 2 girls and a cup-cake is fantastic!

How did Zero Wing not make the list?

For Great Justice!

@18 - all your base is mentioned, but yes it is not in the top 10. probably because there aren't enough obscure nes game players as there are people that dont like rick astley.

Yet another "infographic" that isn't an infographic.

This is just a big picture with words on. It may as well be an article, at least then people could copy/paste the information from it to others.

This Ellie Koning bint needs to learn herself some design.

Tom Hanks is an internet meme...just ask Tom Hanks

Who is R. Kelly?

What the hell, I've never heard of 1, 3 and 10 and I'm a huge memelogist. You'll have a hard time convincing me that they are the most popular, especially the Star Wars kid. Speaking of him, the people who made him see a psychiatrist must be some retarded moronic pieces of s*** that think everyone should be the same and they were probably American communists - I'm not saying Americans are communists, but I live in the US and it pisses me off when they think everyone should be the same, f***ing school and government...

has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Where the hell is Keyboard Cat???

Flawed, Informational graphic is flawed!

Meme doesn't rhyme with "cream".

That's just stupid.

only retards say meme. these are fads and crazes.

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn't bother opening it because of that outright wrong statement at the top.

Meme is pronounced Meh-May.

Get it right fags.

They did a great job proofreading the whole thing... /endsarcasm

Ummm... they completely left out That was the original.

@31 Ummm... read it again. is on there.

@29 Actually may-may is what Simon and River call eachother in firefly. Meme is pronounced meem...just ask Tom Hanks

@32 ah, I overlooked that section.

@21 Tom Hanks says lolwut ur gay.. just ask tom hanks

Dancing Baby was from Allie McBeal TV show back around mid 80s.

Guess it made it to the intertubes at some point but I had never seen it considered a meme until now.

I have to think Hampster Dance was the first.

I have that damned song stuck in my head now. Thanks =P

mid 90s rather.

sorry typo

What no Boxxy?

There's a difference between the "pop culture" memes (the shit that pops up in magazines or gets sent in an email from coworkers) and "internet sub-culture" memes (the shit we talk about, usually somewhat offensive to somebody somewhere, and therefore usually much more funnay). The people who made this obviously are only aware of the pop culture memes. Of course, every once in a while, internet subculture memes will FUCKIN EXPLODE like WILDFIRE and FUCKIN BUST THAT DOOR DOWN into pop culture out of pure popularity, like Rick Astley and lolcats.

What's odd is, they included 4chan as the source for most memes (no somethingawful?), yet failed to include Boxxy, OVER 9000saaaaand, etc. and went with more popculture memes.


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