Aug 23 2010Heart Attack!: Ray Bradbury Watching That Girl's 'F*** Me, Ray Bradbury' Music Video


Remember last week's chart-topping 'F*** Me, Ray Bradbury' music video by Rachel Bloom? Well this is a picture of the man himself (who turned 90 yesterday and allegedly hates the interwebs) watching it. As you can see, it looks like he's having a heart attack. Ooor a bowel movement. I told you only one pudding, Ray!

Ray Bradbury's reaction to watching F*CK ME RAY BRADBURY [dangerousminds]

Thanks to Christopher and janine83, who both agree Ray must be a real good sport. Not as great as foosball, but still really good.

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Reader Comments

He's just updating his status on AARP

geriatrics rule.

There are worse crimes than making corny viral videos. One of them is not watching them.

looks like he's fapping

Now I know that No Man Is An Island, but I'm guessing he's discovering that the internet is a good synonym for the Machineries of Joy! Watching that video is making him want to roll The Golden Apples of the Sun around in his hands and realize that R is for Rocket!

He's getting a Fever Dream thinking about The Last Good Kiss he had, pushing his temperature up to Farenheit 451 which will most likely finally put him into the Graveyard for Lunatics!

OK.... and I'm spent.....

i think he's coming.

Don't speak I'll of Bradbury. The man is a literary genius! You punks wish you could write legendary stories that span decades!! But alas, you're daily quips, comments and jokes will be forgotten long before this mans work is...


@6, I'm impressed. That post was A Medicine for Melancholy.

I have to wonder about a grown man who writes a book called Dinosaur Tales tho. What kind of sicko thinks all the time about getting dinosaur tail? I can just imagine the stories, full of t-rex titties, raptor reach-arounds, pterodactyl pussy, stegosaurus steamers, brontosaurus blow jobs, deep-throated diplodocus, oh my god!

OK.... and I'm spent.....

Oh my god, this is AWESOME.

an acer? really?

As someone currently using that exact computer, I can't believe anyone else uses this old cheap piece of shit.

@13 Your pos computer is so old that dinosaur ray bradbury uses it too?!
It may be time for an update friend


Why thank ye.

It's rare that I post here on Geekologie (one of my favorite sites), but I couldn't resist after reading the article and seeing that picture of him fapping through his Dockers and making that "O" face. LoL

I am black, you are white.
I am coffee, you are milk.
We will always complement each other.

{ B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d //C_0_ M }

You may have a try…


LOL, you are trying to get GW to look like the photo?

I thought it looked like he came bricks in that photo....

It looks like Ray Bradbury approves.

@8 you're right, im going to go reread Dandelion Wine

I wonder if his spam blocker says "WARNING - Something Wicked This Way Comes!"

In all seriousness, you know you're the fucking man when you're 90 and bimbos are making proposition videos for you.

Rock on Ray!



C'mon guys, even the Lord has a second cumming!

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