Aug 5 2010Charge!: The Sims: Medieval Coming Soon


Apparently there's a new Sims game coming out that's entirely based in medieval times. That's pretty much all the information I have right now except I'm gonna be a powerful wizard with a dragon mount that I can and will use to torch your whole f***ing castle and kidnap the princess. Kidding, I don't play Sims games. And not because I think less of the people that do, but because I can't even manage my real life well enough to warrant starting an online one. So I really do admire all of you that have your shit together enough to be able to. Seriously. Haha, what do you mean you don't know where your kids are?

Official Site (with more info coming soon)

Thanks to Erika, who can't wait to catapult herself over the castle wall and kill your king.

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Reader Comments

that sounds so awesome!

@1 Agreed!

From the 3 pictures on the site, the castle looks like how a normal sims game functions, but then at the same time like a world

didn't even like the regular sims :P this one is megacrap!!!

I'll take a flagon of ale... or something

Ooo - never have played the Sims, but count me in as long as I can have a dungeon to be tied mean to tie up other

The Sims gone Shrek

meh. Shoulda spent their money fixing the sims 3's sh*tty character creator.

I want to ride my Sims draggon up its fire laided hiney hole. And heres the kicker....WITHOUT A GOATS SKIN CONDOM!

There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils at Medieval Times. Now, would you like a refill on that Pepsi? robots... :D

Narnia was just on encore.. I left my new torch back there

only game anyone should be playing is Battlefield BadCompany 2

(except all Modern Warfare players cos all they do is sit in a corner with heartbeat monitors, cos they will all get bullied for being so sh*t)

You know, they should really try to work their tag line around some Tarantino rape scene reference.
...oh, wait.

If you going to have an ad have and ad. Stop pretending its a story you shinny tit.

hehe... I had the sims complete collection... And then I got Sims 2 and a shit-ton of expansion packs... And, well... I pretty much love the idea of medieval times... And I'm totally gonna get this for Christmas and make a Professor Layton sim.

Anyone who is not excited for this is retarded. THERE IS A IN GAME PHOTO OF A GUY BEING TORTURED! How cool is that? Fuck Halo. Amen.

@ 17

You are worthless.


Btw, GW, The Sims isn't an online game. P:

I used to play Sims when I was younger, then I stopped. This, however, looks awesome and I want it.

Im gonna be king and make one simple rule, all females must be naked unless their waistraidus aren't within the hot value, and breast size indicate ranks

Kidding, I don't play Sims games. And not because I think less of the people that do, but because I can't even manage my real life well enough to warrant starting an online one

Luv this line and cracked up with it. I dont play Sims I just like them when theyre making out or something. ;)

@12 KELLY, hahaha I bet I am the only one that get's that reference. Love that line and want to go to Medieval Times based on that alone.

@10*, my bad.

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