Aug 23 2010Black Hole Sun, Won't You Come, And Wash Away The -- BOOOOOOM!! Yep, That Did It


This is a picture of a super-massive black hole erupting and spewing all kinds of outerspace shit everywhere. How massive is super-massive? Try six billion times bigger than our sun. I told you that dim bastard was a runt!

This is a composite of two images, one taken in radio wavelengths by the Very Large Array (in red) and the other in X-rays by the orbiting Chandra Observatory (in blue). The X-rays are being emitted by gas blasting away from the black hole, heated up by the disk and the magnetic fields affiliated with the hole itself. The radio waves are from gas that previously existed outside and farther away from the black hole, which is being slammed into, stirred up, and swept away by the outflowing gas.

Well I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be sleeping well tonight finally knowing what a super-massive blackhole erupting looks like. Now I know what you're wondering, "but GW, what about a smaller, less massive blackhole -- what does one of those erupting look like?" And the answer to that, my friend, is BOO! Now quick -- peep your drawls!

Black hole erupts in nearby galaxy [badastronomy]
This is what an erupting supermassive black hole looks like [dvice]

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Do not want.


Sound garden reference!

Long last the robots!

Weird. "Super Massive Black Hole" is my pet name for Naas.

So it is possible to escape a blackhole.
Strap a bundle of nuclear warheads roughly 6 billion times the size of the Sun to your back a light the fuse.

I'm not generally one to spout "OLD!" but this is fairly... un-recent.

yea, roughly 10 billion years old if not older.

...Muse would have been a better reference in this case...

....especially in L.A.....

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away billions of lives vanished in an instant.

I am black, you are white.
I am coffee, you are milk.
We will always complement each other.

{ B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d //C_0_ M }

You may have a try…


Does anyone else see the face in the middle? There is totally a face in the orange part in the middle.

Can't believe no one made a muse comment. Sadface ):

@ 13: FUCK MUSE.
Soundgarden, duh.

Will the same thing happen to Oprah? 'Cause she's a super massive black ho.

Yeah it looks like a dude in a chef's hat in the middle.

What's this crap about muse? Like it's been pointed out already, it's Soundgarden cuz Chris Cornell is the shit.

Jackamo, I see it! I see the face. And it looks like the same face on the mountain on!

It's sooo wrong but that song is intoxicating.


@11 GTFO BITCH!!!!


Fuck Muse!!....

Fuck Twilight!!!

Long Live to Soundgarden


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