Aug 16 2010Better Late Than Never: Luke's Deleted Return Of The Jedi Lightsaber Building Scene


This is a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi featuring Darth Vader calling to his son from his masturbation chamber (creepy) while Luke finishes building his lightsaber on Tattooine. The scene was viewed at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, but will be available for your own home-viewing pleasure as part of a remastered, special edition Blu-Ray box-set (of all six episodes) dropping Fall, 2011. You know, because George Lucas hasn't already dug deep enough into our pockets. Oh yeah, keep digging George -- there's a roll of all hundreds in there somewhere. Got it? Because that's totally my penis. Consider yourself deposited!

Hit the jump for a fanboy boner.

"Star Wars" Coming to Blu-ray, Watch Deleted Scene [worstpreviews]

Thanks to Darth Blaqk Panda and angelia, who used The Force to view this clip in their brains before it was ever publicly released.

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@1 no, u r n00b'st



"... and ... ACTION!"

I don't see the point of screaming like a little girl as some in the public did. Maybe they're enjoying the light of the saber ... Don't get it ...

I'm right there with you Zombo. It's like clapping at the end of a movie premier. Why do it? The directors and actors aren't there to hear you applaud...

i also concur it was cool to see footage not seen but jesus have some self respect lol

Making Star Wars Blu-Ray editions ain't like dustin crops, boy. It better be a 'Han shot first' edition.

I'm kinda done with star wars. How much longer can Lucas milk this shit?

crowdclimax...... this audience had one

I don't get why people scream at a deleted scene that shows a lightsaber... . Maybe if it was in C3 PO's ass i'd get funky myself...

@George Lucas was in the room...

Starwars is pretty much over with.......
Dont see anything big with this thing........
I like periods...........

anyone else feel HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS about this video? Vaders voice sounds off, you never even see Mark Hamill's face, and the chin-dimple is WAY more pronounced that Hamill's has ever appeared before.

someone is engaging in some shenanigans.

The thing is these people are fans (you know, people who get excited about stuff they like), and this scene has been the most rumored deleted scene since the early 80s when the movie came out.

Fans had been talking about if it even existed for years, and now here they are roughly 2000 people in an auditorium -with- John Stewart and George Lucas, being the first people to see this scene ever outside of a small group in the company.

I bet people were slipping on fan boy semen on the way out of the auditorium.

i have the VHS tapes of all 6 movies, I then turned around and downloaded all 6 movies to put on my dvds, when they come out on blue ray, i will download them again with out paying for them even though i dont use blue ray. I will do it just because of the fact that i have all 6 vhs and that gives me the licsense to own any of the movies in any media format LOLLOLOLOLOL fuck lucas in the ass. Gungan this biatch

Star Wars is completely milked out for me, I used to love it, but now I just want it to go quietly into the night.

Everybody is talking crap abut star wars fans and you all post on a site called geekologie.... pot calling the kettle..

George Lucas is a money grubbing asshole.


wow that was so amazing i also (along with mr shoutyman) developed a semi-on, ran down the street whooping with joy and clapped all my neighbours as they wiped tears of happiness away from their brows at my finally achieving a small but important stage on the way to a full erection....go me. WHHOOOOP YEAH clap clap...

eeeeee is it only me who think this scene was really bad ...

@24, nope, me too. I like star wars but its just a clip of DV using his jedi telepathy thing and luke with a lightsabre. Both of which you can see more than once in other parts of the movies. Its wasnt anything new and seems to me it was deleted for exactly that reason, cause it was boring.

I love how people cheered and clapped though. Probably the people born with the 'woo gene' . You know like people who cheer every time Tiger woods hits a golf ball (even if its into the trees) or those who cheer when someone with a microphone mentions the town or state they were born in. I think its a gene isolated just to americans. Could also be called the "patriot gene" because of its tendency to make the person think there HAS to be something, no matter how insignificant to cheer about because my life is so pathetic its the only thing stopping me necking myself.

Scene: Vader strolling to the bathroom.
Vader: Luke, you must join the darkside...uhhhh
Scene: Luke squatting in a cave.
Luke: Threepio, I need some sand to wipe my hiney.
*yes, unaccurate, but just as exciting.


NO I couldn't see it, it got copy write laws on it! Damn you youtube!


Hahahah! Now, back to my Ranch!

GW, fix the link, it's been taken down.

Here's a new link for the video

GW, the next time you post Lucasfilm'scopyrighted material, please remember that George Lucas is Geekologie's #1 reader, so it will be taken down in less than 1 hour...

I'm not going to let this one scene make me buy the Blu-Ray edition. I already have all six movies in widescreen dvd, and besides, everybody knows Luke constructed his second lightsaber in Shadows of the Empire.

@31 thanks!

Wow, now I understand why it was cut. That was a crap-scene. Only the mindless fans get raging erections about such a dead moment. (Luke's light saber) *SHWOOONG* YEAAAHH!!! <-crowd.

That was dumber then the last three movies.

@18, you will be breaking copyright law by downloading the blu-ray because the VHS did not include this deleted scene. BOO-YAH!!

OMG lucas you are a genius. a genuis at making geeky star wars virgins jizz themselves.

The actor was in the room idiot, mark hamill and George Lucas were both present and just 8 rows in front of me. We were cheering bc it was the first new footage from the originals seen in years and it was bad ass. Hate all you want you jealous fucktards but it was amazing fuck you and your grumpy old ass!

Damn copyright claim! Where else can I see it?

Working video:

George Lucas raped Indiana Jones

FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP.....lightsaber......FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP .........IGNITIOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!! *lights cigarette* Ahhhh dirty wookie tits! Now I need a new keyboard.

In Soviet Russia, classics destroy George Lucas.

Phantom Menace sucked ass, Clone Wars wasn't bad, but still meh, Revenge of the Sith was fucking awesome. A couple months ago A New Hope was being played on TV and a friend was over, (I have two TVs in my room, we were playing Borderlands on the other) and he pointed out how bad the light saber fight scene between Obi Wan and Darth Vader was compared to the light saber fights in Revenge of the Sith, which were amazing.

I feel a bit sad seeing as how this gives me cold chills. Damn I love star wars.

@45 Jaker

Yeah but in the context of the story it makes sense that the lightsaber battle in IV sucks compared to III. In III, you're seeing two of the best Jedi ever fight in their prime. In IV, you're seeing someone who is half man, half machine and barely alive battle an old man.


That wasn't Skywalker. It was his stand in.

Since Lucas blocked the YouTube video, here's the link to the original source guys. It's apparently a project by a team called The Screaming Monkeys (in French though) on the theme of anachronism.

Darn, sorry I had so many tabs opened I got confused with this one:
where the video isn't blocked, thus making my comment doubly irrelevant...

First of all, im a BIG fan of the classic star wars movies, not those remastered pieces of shit.. But i also think this clip is not from the original ROTJ. It just seems off, as mentioned here before. Darth Vaders helmet doesnt look like the old helmet.. it just looks newer.. And luke also isnt luke.. Its not his chin. Why would they make a scene of luke building a lightsaber and not show his entire face or without any lines or further explanation? That doesnt make sense. It just seems that lucas made the scene a few months ago and is yet again trying to squeeze out whats left in the Star Wars tit.

@52 I'm faxing you a beer right now for hitting the nail on the head.

Also, I have no doubt in my mind that this could have been shot at the same time ROTS was made. As far as I'm concerned, it is well within the realm of possibility.

I mean, having Vader say 'LUUUUuuuke.... LUUUuuuke...' over and over is so cheesy, I'm forced to believe that this line was recorded ten minutes after James Earl Jones was pepped up by Lucas to yell 'NOOOOOoooooooo!!!' into a microphone.


fucking lightsabers, how do they work?

Hope the Sandstorm makes it into Jedi.

Here is another working link.

it would be great to redo this scene with more focus on the risks involved with building a light saber and show how the force is necessary to align the harmonic resonance of the crystals.

Yes I'm a geek. I understand science and film. So sue me. But you will lose because I'm smarter than you.

" have been in there for over 15 minutes. What are you doing in there?"

"Jesus, dad! Can't I get any peace around here?"

"Luuuuke...I think it's we had a talk about some of the changes you maybe experiencing..."


link is dead

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