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Better Late Than Never: Luke's Deleted Return Of The Jedi Lightsaber Building Scene


This is a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi featuring Darth Vader calling to his son from his masturbation chamber (creepy) while Luke finishes building his lightsaber on Tattooine. The scene was viewed at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, but will be available for your own home-viewing pleasure as part of a remastered, special edition Blu-Ray box-set (of all six episodes) dropping Fall, 2011. You know, because George Lucas hasn't already dug deep enough into our pockets. Oh yeah, keep digging George -- there's a roll of all hundreds in there somewhere. Got it? Because that's totally my penis. Consider yourself deposited!

Hit the jump for a fanboy boner.

"Star Wars" Coming to Blu-ray, Watch Deleted Scene [worstpreviews]

Thanks to Darth Blaqk Panda and angelia, who used The Force to view this clip in their brains before it was ever publicly released.

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