Aug 16 2010Bacon Is Good For Me, The Infographic


Note: I had to cut the graphic to make room for my bulging belly biceps, click HERE to see the whole thing.

Just like the little fat boy said so eloquently, "bacon is good for me", and here's the informational graphic to prove it. So bac-on my rotund little friend, but remember: cookies and ranch dressing still want you dead.

The Health Benefits of Bacon [medicalbillschool] (WTF?!)

Thanks to Argh, Hammer and Fattius J Guy, who don't need an informational graphic to know what feels right.

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Good ol Geekologie comfirming what I already knew to be true: Bacon is made of happiness and rainbows.

Mmmm sparklemeat!


*screams* mom geekologie says i need to eat bacon or i will die!
Im serious mom!! BAAACCONN!!

BACON IS NOT GEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet, need more bacon!!!!!!!!!



BOOOOSH.... sodiumtastic!

The baby wrapped in raw bacon that looks sort of like a thumb........... totally appropriate

Now I won't feel guilty about eating bacon. Not that it stopped me before, but I can enjoy it even more now and that's saying a lot

bacon are madet out of babymeat?? dear god

I usually love these things, but this one.....

Have to play devil's advocate here... BUT

CHOLINE - also found in plant sources, such as spinach, grapefruit, tofu, brown rice, peanuts, almonds, quinoa to name a FEW

45% mono-unsaturated FAT? That means it's still 55% BAD SATURATED FAT... why not eat something that is 100% good fat?? Like olive oil, avocados, flax seeds or hemp seeds?

- Bacon makes you LOSE WEIGHT? As compared to a NO protein breakfast? DUH!!!!!!!!!!! How the F*CK does that mean ANYTHING? Protein is also found in the plenty in whole grains, nuts, granola, yogurt, dairy and non-dairy milks etc. Considering there are even proteins in PLANTS, eating a NO protein breakfast inherently means you're not eating.... which in undoubtedly make you hungrier later! This is the most retarded thing I have EVER read.

- Right, high protein low carb is good!?!? Read the real, peer-reviewed studies showing it makes you acidic, starves your brain and clogs your arteries. Almost EVERY SINGLE nutritional association in the WORLD says they are BAD. However, saying it's better than a "conventional diet" might be true... considering the Standard American Diet is horrible. And the SAD is NOT what is on the pyramid, which is an idealist diet and not reflective of what is actually consumed.

- Omega 3.... also found in fish, flax and hemp. All of which are tremendously healthier for you. Especially flax and hemp, which contain no ocean toxins.

- Fuel? Well I am not a chemical engineer so I can't say much about it. It's cool we're re-using.

That baby wrapped in bacon looks good enough to eat

@ 14. Get me a beer and shut up.

woot bacon for the life!!!!

mmm... I have some maple bacon in the fridge... Now I want some of it... =)

the Internet said it was good for me... so hey, fuck my doctor! BACON!!!

+1 for bacon baby cigarette

-1 for weight-loss argument. Everyone knows the best source of weightloss protein for women.

A tribute to King Curtis.. Bacon for Halloween :) READ:

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