Jul 29 2010Yes: Chewbacca On A Squirrel Fighting Nazis


In this wild world of ours everything can be divided into one of three categories: things that don't make sense, things that do make sense, and shit that's magic. And this is one of those magical joints: Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel fighting Nazis with his iconic Bowcaster (full-size version HERE). It was created by deviantARTist gamefan84 per a request and if I were Chewy I'd be busy pinning Nazi heads together with Bowcaster bolts and not bucking my mount and moaning like I just won a carnival prize. Cause as it stands it looks like he's about to lose his mount and get stick-grenaded in the face. Han will never want to pet you again!

gamefan84's DeviantART
Chewbacca On A Squirrel Fighting Nazis [kotaku]

Thanks to Julian, Blaqk Panda, HeischenStien and wes g, who all would have shot first and don't care who knows it.

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It could happen!

yep! @ 2. - For me it looks like the one any only logic consequence!

@3-5 'trippin on my feet trollin new turf' should be your motto

Everytime I see squirrels I think of two things: Bobby Hill and proctology *shutters*.

I think I would like to see Chewy riding Big Foot (in the no no spot) and then while they are both "engaged" fight off Lex Luthor who would be peeing on Wolverine. Yeah, thats what I want to see. Maybe in a nice oil painting.

@10 you must have went camping a lot as a kid, I have similar problems cept I picture al roker interviewing kevin from the office

Fuckin spammers are out in force. go find the proper customer audience to target and while your at it get fucking raped in hell with a hair scarf sticking out ya ass, you cock knockers.

I like the picture, but the squirrel's bridle needs some work.

I still say that should have been Jewbacca, just for good measure.

Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis.

@10 .... Nice.

If only the wookie was wielding a Barrett 50 Caliber rifle instead.

this wouldve been much better if he was riding a velociraptor or a t-rex...

Kameraden, only Darth Vader riding a T-Rex can stop this !

Best comments eva, GW. Still laffing.

after a really hard day at work dealing with clients, this really made my day.

100% accurate depiction on how the war was won! Bravo...

i still think Jabba in a wheelchair / about to be hit by Optimus Prime pre-transform wins out.

We gonna be doing one thing, and one thing only, Killing Natzis, and i want my 100 Natzi scalps.

who knew chewy was a jew

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