Jul 1 2010Waffles. On Sticks: The Wafflesicle Machine


Let's not kid ourselves, we all know the best foods come on sticks. Case in point: bacon, corn dogs, chocolate covered bananas and popsicles. AND NOW WAFFLES! Possibly made by the Blush Company to compliment the Corn Baller, the Lolly Waffle Maker can cook four 9-inch wafflesicles every two minutes. Which, if I learned anything about solving word problems in math class, is well over 14 waffles an hour. Breakfast will never be the same again. And not just because you're gonna be wearing butter and syrup on your shirt more often. No, eventually you'll start experimenting with waffles in the bedroom and next thing you know -- GAAAAHH!! -- you've poked your partner's eyes out with a wafflesicle stick. Safety goggles. That's the real lesson here.

The Wafflesicle Maker Has Changed Breakfast Forever [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

I want this. Very, Very Badly.

waffle hole?

is this why aunt jamima is smiling?

i think you mean BLUTH company, not BLUSH company.

but yeah, total cornballer.

You meant "Bluth Company", no doubt.

Not bad

ROFL i never tough of such a thing lol so useless XD

I want some.

I want some.

I love waffle.

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@12, I totally agree with you.

@11 yourprobably a bot but in case not GTFO!

Slip a slice of bacon in there for each waffle and then you can call this the perfect treat.

@14 Mmmmm yummy

This single paragraph is probably the funniest article I've ever seen on Geekologie. Each sentence just gets more ridiculous & LOL

How do you not call that the Waffslical?!?!

4 Waffles / 2 Min = 2 Waffles / Min

Therefore, if 2 waffles are made in 1 Min, and there are 60 minutes in 1 Hour:

2 Waf/ 1Min x 60 Min / 1 Hr =

120 WAFFLES in 1 HOUR. Holy shit. This is amazing waffle technology.

Bad news, it's been banned in America due to several cases of third-degree burns on fingertips. To find out more visit www.imoscar.com, and catch up with the daily podcast.

mmmm i want ten of those please

Now we need a big pot of melted butter and a big pot of syrup to easily dunk in and we're in heaven. Literally, we'll all die.

And some bacon wrapped around it, please :)

i'll have to fanboy out and also point out BLUTH not BLUSH

but yes... amaaaazing

i do not see a high risk of third degree burns from using causing the pop pop to be wanted in mexico, Bluth Cornballer it is not. btw what would probably work is to just cook bacon and lay it on the stick before the batter is poured to cook it inside the waffle. pure mouthgasm


Mmmmm..... perfect after hitting the bong. Just need a small bowl to put the syrup in for dipping.

its funny how some of you are amazed at this when they sell these waffles at the malls for a quarter each.. they even make them with hotdogs or bacon bits or cheese or chocolate inside the waffles..

A waffle stick is better than the story of the guy who put a dildo on a reciprocating saw, and gave his wife an "at home episiotomy".... OUCH
..... just sayin

Don't tell me. this is American, right?


Soy loco por los cornballs!

old news, Mrs. Butterworth has been using these to "pleasure" herself for years now...just sayin'

they look like corn

Defenitely a Neumarker machine!! We also have one for selling on fairs and festivals. We use to produce 4 waffles in 1 minute baking time: So it's more than 200 waffles an hour!!!!


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