Jul 22 2010Tron Girl, The Song And Music Video


This is the music video for a song called 'Tron Girl' by Barely Political. It looks like something you'd see on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! except it actually makes sense and you didn't have to stay up past your bedtime on a Sunday night to watch it. Plus it's available in 3-D if you have red/blue glasses. Me? I watched it in 3-D without the glasses because I'm probably the hardest core mamajama you'll never meet. Are you getting this, UFC sissies? I don't know what's supposed to be so tough about dancing around a cage exchanging blows with other men. Where I'm from we call that an orgy. A super gay one.

Hit it for the video.


Youtube (3-D)

Thanks to GamerZaks Wife, who may or may not have gotten sucked into a computer system after trying to scan her face at work. Been there, done that, was Matrix-y.

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Reader Comments

Freaking awesome...

Wow, you know something sucks when it has Tron, hot chicks, and it's still boring.

hell yeah

...has a head like a F*CKING ORANGE

@2: Exactly what I was thinking. Don't waste your time with their other vids either. More hot chicks in the second one, and yet it is somehow WORSE. It defies the laws of production values!

Okay, if I don't see a post about bangin' dinosaurs soon, I'm going to be very concerned.
Either GW is getting to into the California way of thinking, or he has been replaced. This is not just because of this article (it was written a little poorly, though) but a collection of preference changes, abundant cursing, and less normal GW humor that I am used to.....
Is it just me?

So much hotter than Olivia Wild's Tron costume

Imma guess that the Tron guy got a HUGE web redemption watching this. See the web redemption is his penis...


Corny... The girl was nommy, however :)

Think about your dad.....I wanna meet that dad!

nope, it's not just you. i've been concerned too for the past week or so. it really has been less than the normal GW humor we've been accustomed to.

Hey, it's the dude from IndyMogul on Youtube

Red Zordon hits the high notes.

@6 - Not sure what the California jab was about but I agree that whoever this shitty post needs to gtfo. How does the *real* GW miss the opportunity have so many references with hot chicks, computers, and effing TRON? In that cover image, I was expecting something about "pew pewing" his hard drive in that hottie until the MCP barged in and derezzed his foot up GW's ass because the GW in TRON world is really just Clippy the Paper Clip...OK, I'm totally no GW myself, but Chriiiiist where is GW? Come back, dude!


This is my impression of every BarelyPolitical video:

That gal is HOT!!! Smooth and fit without being boney or leathery.... Who is she?!?!?!

These guys have never even seen a Comodore 64 except on google image search. Thats right just keep on raping my corpse kids I'm the only thing that will let you stick your dick in me.

Because I'm dead and can't stop you.

WOW thats is just ... AWESOME thx GW i Fucking love those guys vid now

80s cracks me up

@6 i agree. i miss our dino-lovin, robot hatin, booze-drinkin GW. fun fact, one of the AI's in mgs 4 was named GW. he's become the thing he hates, a robot, but only in that game.

I liked it. I pretty much like everything from Key of Awesome. GW should work for them.

Yeah #6 is right. Something smells fishy for sure. And you know it's not the real GW if he doesn't make a post soon that clears things up. And it better be written well or we'll know... WE ALWAYS KNOW...

After watching this a 2nd time I think this vid is complete fail.

Failure to be longer and show more Tron chick ass (which looked great on the light cycle).

No one gets a million hits on youtube just for being clever, it takes a thumbnail that looks like bewbs.

it's like Flight of the Conchords drank a whole case of Suck and then paid a superhot callgirl to get all TRON-y while they sucked at making this video. ...Which is sad cuz i'd rather watch Flight of the Conchords, without the robo-hooker and the sucking-at-everything, than watch almost any part of this. Or, y'know, go get a real robo-hooker.

>Either GW is getting to into the California way of thinking, or he has been replaced. <

That's it! He's been replaced by a farging ROBOT! Time to round up a rescue team with Zelda and hot cosplayers riding dinosaurs!

WEW. i dont like her. if she's wearing nothing then boom. there you go another hot fine girl. :D

She is Lauren Francesca.

This is a great example of two people who can't tell the difference between when someone is laughing WITH you, or laughing AT you.
And why youtube is a waste of bandwidth.

The only good thing about these videos are the good looking girls. The funny stuff is so sparse.

Shes hot, Her suits Hot Tron's Hot, This laptop is Hot, and where can i buy my gf a Tron set, hellz yea

1:16 - 1:19 = best part of the whole video

What a great video! If you like this video that features Lauren Francesca, check out her funny and awesome Valentine's Day sketch on her new YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl-hgzCXOXQ

the vid is totally awesome!...you might want to check out also her new vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNB--8cIekg

-- please do check more of Lauren in youtube..

"Youtube Hit Girl" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVCcxd3wb8w - Another new comedic skills of Lauren Francesca. It's really way, way cool than ever!!! You guys definitely should check it out

Well, there is a new SPOOF they made and saw it just yesterday!@@..It seems the Hit Girl is now a SWAN GAGA girl..LOL..Check her video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzPLpx-6KCU

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