Jul 29 2010Porsche Producing $650K Spyder 918 Hybrid


So Porsche has decided to go forward and produce the Spyder 918 hybrid, which, up until now, was strictly conceptual. Did I mention it'll cost around $650,000? Because it will. Yeah, I just pre-ordered two. Didn't I, Hot Wheels? High rolla, HIGH ROLLA!

A 3.4-liter V8 petrol burner is combined with electric motors to put out 500bhp, while featuring the mind-altering acceleration to go from a standing start to 62mph in just 3.2 seconds. Topping out at 198mph and offering a very respectable 78mpg fuel economy...

The cost? That hasn't been officially announced yet, but estimates peg it around the $650,000 mark. Don't worry, though -- it'll be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

Well thank God for the federal tax credit. I know that's what I'm concerned about when I'm wiping my ass with diamond-studded toilet paper. Did I mention my commode is solid gold? Which -- you know how they say you can't polish a turd? They've never seen one sparkling at the bottom of my bowl.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the "yes, yes I would have sex with that car."



Porsche 918 Spyder concept is the most beautiful hybrid we've ever seen [engadget]
Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid headed for production [engadget]

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Actually this is my first time being first.

Awesome website GW ROCK ONNNN

I hate first. Actually waited a few minutes just so I dont feel the temptation to write FIRST!!

how about you leave somthing about the beautiful car that your writing the comment about refreshers who cares about being the first loser to write First why to go i bet you get all the chicks by saying you were the first comment on GW today

Way to leave something about the beautiful car in your comment. Snarf!

That's a cool looking car but, Goddamn! Those wheels are fugly.

My cock isn't small enough to own a Porsche. Maybe one day.

Driving this Porsche is sexier* than bare-backing and broke-backing a t-rex.


At first I thought the guy in the car had a mustache, then I realized it was the car's 1 inch wide mirrors. What good are mirrors that are so tiny?

Looks like a Saturn Sky. (shrug) whatevs, Porsh-uh.

OMG are you serious, With the tax credit I can actually afford this one!

That is a beautiful piece of machinery. It kinda looks like they took some subtle cues from the Audi R8.



People buy these?

For that price I'd have someone build me a one of a kind custom.

@10 true that

the dino pencil sharpeners are cooler than this. >:3

I sharpened a pencil in my bum

It is cause of the new European Unions laws on emmisions all car companys must meet an average...Porshce is making a hybrid....and Pagani, Ferrari, and the rest of the Itallians just lie

yes, yes I would have sex with that car. Look at those exhaust pipes !

@15 go fuck yourself

@15 go fuck yourself

@1 i hate u. the people that say first should:kill themselves,go to jail or have sex with the girl at the office. ps i am writing on my dsi

I like my cars like I like my women.
Fast. Wide. Loud. And low to the ground.

... and full of gas.

... with roomy cockpit. Dry and cool.

.. easily turned on and rev'd up. Get inside and press a button.

... with prominent headlights. And plenty of junk in the trunk.

7.8mpg not 78 right?

#7 - I think those might actually be side view cameras, using internal monitors.

#5 - as my 70 year old mom says whenever she sees a man in a prosche: "Sorry about your penis!"

Still, nice car... not as big as the 60 passenger limo that I get driven to work in everyday, but it'll do...

Plenty of pictures and even videos after the jump :


(page in french but images speak by themselves...)

Plenty of pictures and even videos after the jump :


(page in french but images speak by themselves...)

seb. that site is made for girls with tits

seb. that site is made for girls with tits

why bother plugging it in? so much easier to just buy a new one, its only $650k ya cheapskate

I have this feeling that within the first week it goes on sale, some asshat Russian will buy one and total it.. whether it's a tree or a pothole..either way..one of those new Porsche's is going down..

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