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Pfft, I Knew All That: Star Wars Infographic


This is an infographic that allegedly contains 19 facts about the Star Wars franchise that you didn't already know. Me? I already knew all that stuff. Plus other things George Lucas doesn't want ANYBODY to know. "OOH OOH -- LIKE WHAT, GW?!" Like the awkward Luke/Leia relationship being based on George's own relationship with his sister. Hoho -- BURN, LUCAS! (That was for Jar Jar). Your momma looks like a Wookie and dresses you funny! (That was for the new Indiana Jones)

Hit the jump and get your learn on.


19 Things You May Not Have Known About Star Wars [nerdbastards]

Thanks to Papa Voodoo, who found out the weird incestuous Luke/Leia situation was based on George's own relationship with his sister. Gross!

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