Just Keep Typing: My 6,500th Post

July 26, 2010


Based on the emails I've received, there's been some concern lately as to whether I've died or been replaced. The answer is no. Sure I do die a little inside everyday, but I've been filling Geekologie with the finest malt-humor I can since August 2007. What I am doing is taking a little sabbatical from posting Saturday and Sunday so I can go out and booze to my liver's discontent without having to wake up and write seven days a week (read: I'm doing weekends in jail for a bit). If it's any consolation, I really do think about stabbing and burying you in the desert all weekend long.

At any rate, this is my 6,500th post on Geekologie and that's a picture of me in my off-time playing pinball (come down to Hollywood Billiards and beat my high score, I dare you). I'm a real person, remember? I have feelings just like everyone else except mine are directed toward sexy-ass dinos and not my hand like yours. Hoho, burn! But in all seriousness, I really do appreciate all of you reading and making my dream of becoming a dino-f***ing boozehound who works from (his parents') home a reality. So thank you, from the very coal-black bottom of my robot-hating heart.

All the best,

Your Geekologie Writer

  • Love you are into pinball. So am I!

    More people should have commented about how awesome this post is...and all of the enjoyment you have been bringing to others.

    Keep it up, and I always wish you the best. I am also proud of the fact you once took one of my leads and turned it into a post. It made my whole week (if not longer). Thanks for all the posts.

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