Jul 28 2010No: Style Shirt Sports A Pouch For Your iPad


Want to wear an iPad on your chest so it's obvious to everyone how cool what a sad, sad virgin (not by choice) you are? Introducing the Style iPad Shirt. Despite it's name, it's actually the opposite of style. Your ass will get kicked!

This pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton tee sports a slit on the inside for sliding your tablet into, and there's a window on the front that enables the wearer (or anyone else, for that matter) to fully interact with the tablet without you having to disrobe. Imagine that! Heck, there are even ports for accessing the dock connector and the 3.5mm headphone jack, which certainly helps to justify the otherwise unconscionable $49.95 to $54.95 price tag.

I'm sorry, but I will make fun of anyone caught wearing one. There's just no excuse. I mean, an iPhone hat sure, but an iPad shirt? I don't think so, Tim. No, what this thing needs is more power. See what I'm doing here? THIS HOME NEEDS NO IMPROVEMENT! Love you, JTT.

A couple more shots of the WTFery after the jump.




iPad-toting Syte Shirt redefines 'multitasking' [engadget]
Syte iPad Shirt Goes Wherever You Do [walyou]

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Reader Comments


Yeah.... way to get mugged....

Even the "model" wearing this ridiculous piece of shite looks ashamed!

Dear GW,

The name is "Syte" Shirt....no "Style" shirt...

MEGA GHEY much like @1

when screaming IM A DOUCHEBAG just isn't enough.....

true that, #4.


This is what a real life Teletubby looks like.


I want the name of every sad fuker that buys one.
I have many things to sell, many Exciting Products!

Hello friend!
ha ha, I know, my girlfriending too. You have many. Now also, with kitten near home. To many! Many time pooping housegrass to my house! Making so angering! Onetime to fixing never more problems.
1. riddance!
2. whole sound for happy!
3. for Tako too!


Someone wearing this is just begging to get hit in the chest with an aluminum bat...... or something

a man purse wouldn't even help this poor guy

I saw this guy at San Diego comic con when he was pre regging for July 2011, I was asked who was paying him to wear that thing then he said he invented it and was advertising it.

He was a nice guy and all that, but I think this shirt is silly

@15 well now I feel bad because he's nice if that's true. If he reads geekologie & looks me up one day & says 'naas, you're an asshole for bashing my idea & trying to be funny(dickhead)about it on some off the hip interwebz when I'm trying to take something convenient and practical to another level....' I'd probably give a blank stare for a minute, look down at the ground with my hands on my hips and think ......where's the bar?

@16 ROFL

It's cool until you trip and fall, or a wayward football smashes into your chest or a bully punches you for your lunch money. Or that damn prostitute steals your shirt afterwords and you have to explain to your wife why your coming home half dressed.... what were we talking about again?


no comments ...

Couldn't you just stick a plastic bag to a regular, 4 dollar shirt?

I'd get one only if there's a Pillsbury Doughboy app.

... like a teletubbie

sweet, now we can recognize tool bags faster than ever!

this is stupid. isn't the ipad heat sensitive? so that plastic being used as a protective cover for the screen wouldn't allow you to use it while it's in the shirt. INCONVENIENCE

Sooo.... is this specially designed for TellyTubby cosplayers the world over?? :s

Seriously... If I see anyone in one of these I'm probably going to stab them!

just another product to show how mush they like applecrap, look doesnt it look-a-like one of those you have to carry you baby around ur chest with safyti things and sush, look closer around his neck. the whole idea kind of make me to think of spoiled rich people having her Butler embarrassed dressed with it just so she dont have to hold it while the butler still carry her other things

If you ever see anyone in these hit his chest(well the ipad in this case) or just write "FU" or other things of it if its to obvious of our hate against it

if you bought an Ipad, you probably had to sell the shirt off your back to afford it. So if you own an Ipad and you have no shirt you can buy this one.
Unless your sense of vision is working.
And if it isn't, and you are blind, I would wonder why you bought an Ipad.
Of course, if your blindness made you think it was just a big Iphone then...
I forgot what I was talking about.
Hey, check out that ugly shirt!

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