Jul 13 2010Finger Candy: LEGO Brick Thumb Tattoo


Nathan Sawaya, best known for getting paid ridiculous scrilla to make things out of LEGO blocks all day, decided to get a LEGO tattoo on his thumb. And on my thumb? A lucha libre mask. You know -- for thumb wrastlin'!

Every single day, I snap together bricks. Each day I am pressing down on the bumps of each brick to make sure there is a tight fit. And if I press real hard, the bumps leave little marks on myfingers and thumb. What better way to pay tribute to my medium of choice, then permanently inking those marks on to my thumb?

Are you serious? What better way to pay tribute to LEGO than a thumb tattoo? Geez Nathan, did you even sleep on the question? Because I've got three words for you: are you ready? No, that wasn't them, I meant are ready to hear my idea. Okay, check it: LEGO breast implants. Now THAT'S paying tribute (you think about what cup-size you want, I'll call the doctor).

LEGO Thumb Tattoo [neatorama]

Thanks to marie, Kaibedz and Erik, who all have too many commitment issues to ever get a tattoo. Except Erik, who woke up with one after a night of drinking. CONQUER THOSE FEARS!

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Reader Comments

I want it...NOW!

this is ...well....dumb

then/than fail...

dumbest tattoo ever.

that's going to fall out within weeks of healing. ghey

LEGO breast implants, lol.

they look like nostrils.

his thumb is huge!

looks like a domino tile.

Duplo size implants please

At least his tattoo has long lasting meaning. It's better than those tribal or asian mottos that so many decide to get. My only complaint is that there are no LEGO logos on each circle…

@14 "long lasting"
I'm sure it'll wear off, especially since he works with his hands.

...not necessarily hating, just a thought.

Where are the LEGO logos???

Since when is there a 5x2 lego brick?

Okay... sorry about that. My brother is stupid.

@19 Counting Fail.

Ha, now that guy'll never get a real job -- who'd hire him looking like that? He'll have to work at a tattoo parlor all his life. Or wear a sandwich board on the sidewalk. Or dress up like a chicken and run out on the field during baseball games.

And think of how that tat will look in 20 years.

You guys are right. I once got an Edward Cullen tattoo on the palm of my hand and it wore off within a week.

I just wanted to see it sparkle. Constantly.

This just reminds me of that creepy photoshopped boob+lotus combo.

@11 I was just about to post exactly that. Did he ask for a lego tattoo or a domino??

I love The World Cup! World Cup is about sportsmanship. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is a sexy black man,lol. I know him via *** (Age m i ng l e)* .*{C00M} *** a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love. . …@love it


@17 - naw, probably just $60 for 5 min of work(good ratio though, that would be $1,800 if he did a full hours worth)

@22/23 - You wore it off so fast because you jacked off all day I'm sure. Wanted to see it sparkle with your pearl jam, gay twihard.

@ - Everyone else, yes it's a pretty dumb tattoo and won't hold.

hahah i want a lucha libre mask thumb tattoo.


Look at those legos



That must have hurt like hell! do you know how many nerve endings your fingers have!

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