Jul 9 2010I Will Eat Your Face Off!: Hello Kitty Pizza Bites


These are little homemade Hello Kitty pizza bites as baked by Flickr user LoveBones (I love them too -- especially the crushed and shattered ones of my enemies. MWHAHAHAHAHA!!). Any idea what the eyes and whiskers are made out of? Because I guessed mouse turds but that might make them too dessert-y.

LoveBones' Flickr
Not-So-Samurai Pizza Cats [albotas]

Thanks to Lauren, who allegedly makes a mean Pikachu panini. Yeah? I'll believe it when I eat it.

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Reader Comments

Cute. NOT.

When pizza's on a bagle you can eat pizza anytime or somethin'

I would say the tears of unicorns. True story they cry black!


they kind of look like zombie hello kitties because of the melted cheese faces. i would eat a tray full and then pretend i havent had anything all day so my mom will still let me eat dinner.

They look good to me!

Black olives! Or robot oil.

@5 you're mom sounds hot, does she like to party? What her phone number? are you a bastard?

@9 Damn you are cool!!!

@9 LMAO......UNO! ANYONE?!

@8 I will party with you, ghey or not I dont care I have the goood shit

When Pizza's on a beagle you can eat... junk, n stuff.
shut UP!
@9 who even uses "cool" anymore? I mean, are you "Groovy" too? That's too far out, man!
I'll bet your sister is your biggest fan.

@Naas: I love you more every day. You ROCK big guy!
I miss pew.
and Robotic Death Army. Don't worry, you have to say his name three times.

Play dough. Definitely play dough.

Hey! What happened to the little links in My name? Did they get rid of them to cull the spammers? That was alot of my jokes, the titles of the fake links I put in. Damn spammers!
Remember "www.kidscomerunningforthegreattasteofjesus.mil?

Oh, and Jake: If you're reading this, you MUST check out my work from yesterday. I was on an Aderrall-fueled TEAR last night! 24hrs of amphetamine-fueled MADNESS! Look at my rants on the "Why Geeks Are Better At Sex, A List" page. Starts with Razor King and carries on for some time. I'm pretty much everybody after @24.

@15 shit I am groovy :)

@15 THANK YOU! Thank you so much! Thank you for having something in your sack other than your ovaries and just going along to have some fun. Fukin' candy girls! Burn your skirts! Oh, and @14 is a fag. hole. surfer. region. quadrant. quintrant.

This is the only time I've ever loved hello kitty

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Hello Kitty is the second best thing in the world, Pokemon being the first <3

I believe the eyes and whiskers are black olives... But what is eluding me is the nose. What is it? A sesame seed?

The black stuff is made from black olives.

i love/hate that you post hello kitty stuff!
love cuz i love her and i love you!
and hate cuz it means HK is geeky and i'm more of a the superficial type of girl who randomly creeps up Geekologie :P

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black stuff->marker.

Ohhhh... I like Hello Kitty a lot !

The eyes and whiskers are probably seaweed.

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