Jul 26 2010For Itsy-Bitsy Blazes: Firefighting Motorcycles


Fires: they burn houses down and ruin lives. But they also make fireworks work and pipes smoke. OH THE DICHOTOMY! But what's a fire department to do when they get a rush-hour call that a child has set a recycling bin full of his sister's Barbies ablaze and the fire has spread to the neighbor's yard?

The City of Liverpool in England has come up with a novel solution, and is testing a couple of specially equipped firefighting motorcycles. The bikes can be deployed when a full response from a fleet of full-sized engines isn't required, such as small car fires or so-called 'anti-social' fires.

The bikes will carry both a tank of water, and a supply of fire extinguishing foam, and the riders will wear special suits that are designed to work for both riding and firefighting.

Smart thinking, Liverpool. I'm almost tempted to sign up for the volunteer fire department. Whoa whoa whoa -- I said almost. Call me when there's firefighting jetpack. Or, okay, anytime I can come slide down the pole.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the greatest firefighting invention since the ladder.




Firefighting motorbike gets to small fires much faster [dvice]

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Reader Comments

Ghost rider level of safety FTW

not too shabby..

In the first pic, it looks like a small baby is on the back of the bike wrapped in orange plastic.... Time to put the glue down I think....?

"Oh the dichotomy."

Lol, I saw what you did there. Although prolly not lolly in 1937. Nazi terrorists y'no.

Water, magnets, air and dirt. Fucking fire, how does it work?

i heard the GW quit and it's a new person now


If they got a side car for that thing does it go on the left side?
You really need one for the buddy system!


If a robot can't flip a pancake, do you really expect it to put out a fire?

I'm not sure about these things. What if it turns into a more dangerous fire?

You mother likes my dichotomy... HA!

@7 Yup, if it had a sidecar,it would go on the left side.

I guess this would be ideal, especially for the smaller roads they have over dur.

This is a realistic, well though out idea... I think I'm afraid now...

You're kidding... Singaporean fire-fighters have been using fire-bikes for years.

Looks like the scousers have been smoking the funny stuff again.
Either that or someone went on a trip and saw somewhere else had it and then stole it because "They had something we didn't. And we wanted it!"

@12 Be very afraid. When people from Liverpool start making sense and actually planning stuff out, you know we're fucked

i need one of those. for my cooking classes. :D

@ Zoomage:

Jealous of Liverpool much?

Most successful football team in england
Most successful band of all time
City of culture
World heritage site
3 Graces
Best looking ladies in the UK

@16 They inspired plastic-scousers. That's the only arguement that is needed to trump all positives.
And no, I'm not jealous. I live near Liverpool (kinda) and I like it that way.

Skip the motorcycle, go straight to the firefighting jetpack.

I might go and torch my car now, see if the motorbike comes!

In Malaysia,it already been done...

Singapore has it since 1998


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