Jul 28 2010Drink Up!: Booze May Help Fight Arthritis


In the best news I've heard since screwing dinos helps prevent wrinkles, drinking alcohol may help battle rheumatoid arthritis. Did you hear that, gramps? I said, "TAKE ME TO THE LIQUOR STORE!"

Moderate drinking has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. According to a new study, drinking alcohol may also ease the pain of -- and lower the risk of developing -- rheumatoid arthritis, a potentially crippling autoimmune disorder.

People who don't drink alcohol are roughly four times more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis than people who have at least one drink three or more days per week, the study found.

The researchers also found that rheumatoid arthritis patients who drink alcohol tend to have less severe symptoms than their nondrinking counterparts. And the more often they drink, the milder their symptoms are.

I didn't actually read any of that because I was too busy swerving pop-pop's Hover-Round down to the liquor store, but I assume it said something about the importance of drinking your booze with a crazy straw. IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY? One. Shotgunning the bottle.

Study: Alcohol may fight rheumatoid arthritis [cnn]

Thanks to Jim, who heard drinking also keeps you good looking provided everyone around you is shit-faced.

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Reader Comments

Que cerveze donde good.

And it has an ingrediant to moisturize.

I work at a liquor store and you can't imagine the number of old people who come in who've heard about this home remedy of soaking raisins in gin and then eating a handful a day. They come in droves and swear the shite works to relieve the pain. They obviously never went to college.

This is all true, but drinking too much can off-set the effects. And 'in moderation' is quite a small amount.


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HOT DAMN who knew I was fighting arthritis every morning, everyday


This is a terry richardson picture, give him some credit.

This photo is legendary? I can't believe how ridiculous it is. Terry Richardson hey? Kudos

send that picture over to the superficial so he can pink star grandma's upskirt. I think there is some aged roast beef peeking through.

GW, you find the best pictures.

You know what's great about being in a wheelchair? Nothing. However, you never have to worry about passing out on a sloppy floor or on your ex-girfriends doormat while trying to fight arthritis (read: drink yourself into oblivion).

I showed this pic to my girlfriend two days ago - get out of my head GW

DWI is now DWRTCORA. Driving while reducing the chance of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Cop: "Have you been drinking tonight?"
Driver: " No officer, I was just trying tio reduce the risk of getting rheumatoid arthritis!"

YEA joint juice and gin

RA is not a disease of the elderly. It's an autoimmune disease that can start in childhood and young adulthood. The elderly get osteoarthritis from degeneration and use over time.

So, give your kids booze!

Is anyone else worried about the boozed up dude in the pic? Looks like a granny r*pist to me. Im just sayin'.

LOLing @ photo!!! HAHAHAHA

and @5 you made soda come up my nose

#5 you're so right !

Does anybody else notice the old lady barfing?

Too bad the heavy boozing will flare up your Gouty Arthritis.
You just can't win :(

Grandma Pucking in the basket XD

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