Jul 1 2010AT-AT Dog Recreates 'AT-AT Day Afternoon'


Okay so you remember the AT-AT costume Geekologie Reader Robert made his dog last Halloween? And you remember Patrick Boivi's recent animated short, 'AT-AT Day Afternoon'? Well Robert recreated the film using his costumed mini-pincher (complete with ventral-mounted laser blaster) and let me tell you: it's f***ing cute. Reminds me of the time I dressed Chloe as the Death Star until my roommate "that's no moon"ed her so many times it gave her a complex.

Hit it for the cuteness.


Thanks to Robert, who, give it to me straight -- does the dog in AT-AT costume attract geeky chicks at the park?

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Reader Comments

i wanna see a r2 d2 k9 xD aka a robot dog

Fucking CUTE

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cute doggeh is cute and........ 1:13 - 1:17 unnecessary crotch shot, just sayin....

Great video!!! well done geekologie

Googled "ventral-mounted laser blaster", Geekologie 1st hit. Way Oh way oh! Anyway, that was cuteness to the MAX!

What, no squirrel??

I'll buy a dog just to put AT-AT covers on it!

Keep your ventral-mounted laser blaster away from my thermal exhaust port.

DO WANT!! (the dog and all)

Thanks GW, this made my day ^_^

GV, you still misspelled the name "Boivin"!!

Does the dog in AT-AT costume attract geeky chicks at the park?
Answer: Yes,,,,, oh yes it does.........

Ventral-mounted laser cannon fail. He obviously edited out the part where the squirrel ripped the puppies hat off.

This sucks. I'm deleting you from my bookmarks.


He was trying to repair his ventral cannon? Looks like he used his frontal ramp to make adjustments on ti

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