13-Year Old Makes Wall-Climbing Vacuum Suit

July 2, 2010


Seen here pretending to be more than two feet off the ground, 13-year old Hibiki Kono made himself a vacuum powered wall-climbing suit so he can escape the asylum and avenge his parents' deaths. Ooooor climb a brick wall while people take pictures.

Using a pair of 1,400-watt vacuums he purchased at UK retailer Tesco, Hibiki Kono hooked them up to a couple of large suction pads, and proceeded to ascend a vertical surface with the contraption strapped to his back and arms.

Well damn, future Mr. Dyson -- you've got inventor written all over you! Also, "I have sex with appliances". Let me guess: you had too much Sunny-D and passed out with your shoes on again.

Hit the jump for a video of Hibiki and his magic suit in action.

spider-man or vacuum-boy? [technabob]

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