Jun 14 2010You've Got To Be Kidding Me: Bullet Earbuds


Free booze: want. Bullet earphones: do not want.

These Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones from MUNITO look like bullets but they are in fact earphones. The copper alloy cases are gold plated and the cords are covered in Kevlar, and yes you will look like a pathetic wannabe gangster if you go out and spend the $250 it costs to get a pair.

$250?! Are you out of your gotdamn mind?! I'll tell you what -- you bring me twos shotgun shells and I'll make you some real earbuds. Plus every pair comes with a free story! One about you and I getting a little farm together and livin' off the fat of the land. Plus raising rabbits! (That's when I blow your brains out)

Teknines: 9mm Earphones Let You Pay Lots of Money to Look Like a Fool [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

Those are actually kinda cool..

Actually I change my mind.. I imagined how they would look sticking out of my ear. Ugh, worse than those earphones shaped like ducks and rabbits.

"I'm gonna pet da rabbits George.... just sayin", Lenny seemed to say

Cool concept, but agree with 2. You'd look like a tool wearing them.

what uses will they find for munition next?

I want earbuds that look like an arrow's sticking thru my head.

Well I'd hope for $250 they would have good sound quality. Also Kevlar cords? That seems entirely unnecessary, it probably adds quite a bit of the price, and is completely useless. Nobody would know they were kevlar anyway! And if they did get shot i doubt it would really protect the wiring.

$250?!?! I could by a dozen flat brimmed baseball caps for that price.

"I'm gonna pet da rabbits George.... just sayin", Lenny seemed to say

I wonder if they keep out the thinny?


They're probably not very good headphones either. I've never even heard of that brand.

Nice 'Of Mice and Men' reference... I bet GW wears a glove to keep his hand soft as well....for when he jerks it looking at dinos

Nice on Shelbon. Nice one. AHHA. Poor poor lenny. Poor poor rabbits too. but yea man wtf 250 bucks for a pair of bullet earplug you can make out of fucking aluminium balls and sticking em on ur earplugs?! thats prolly less than 50 cents man!

@10 Not so much the chimes, though.

"Bring me TWOS shotgun shells"

wow GW you need to start proofreading some more

I can't believe that anyone would pay money for these. I just made myself a pair for $0, with an old pair of earbuds, two pieces of .45 brass, and a wire cutters. I am going to make an instructable about this.

I just looked in the mirror while wearing them....
It was cool in concept, but not in practice.
I sure am glad I didn't pay $250 for them. Well, so much for that idea.

I wanna pet da blue rabbits, and dem yellow rabbits.

Yes, blue, yellow, red, purple, one of every color.

And i can feed them the alfalfa george!!!



you could blow your eardrums out with those things.

The uh..."brilliant" creator

definitely keeps out the sound of the the thinny

have they decided to make boob ear buds yet? like, come on....

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