Jun 2 2010Yes, Of Course: Bacon-Flavored Hot Sauce


Listen: I love hot sauce as much as the next guy with a fiery o-ring, but this whole bacon thing is getting a little out of hand. I mean, come on -- bacon-flavored hot sauce? THAT SHIT SOUNDS DELICIOUS, AMIRITE?! Jesus why didn't someone think of this sooner? And don't tell me that dog in the baked bean commercials ate the secret family recipe either or I'll shoot bean-y, good for my heart flames out my buttcheeks. God I feel better now. You know, we should have beans for lunch. And dinner. (See what I did there?)

Product Site ($6)
Bacon Hot Sauce [uncrate]

Thanks to Matt, who once put bacon hot sauce in a Bloody Mary and had the best brunch ever.

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Reader Comments

4 out of 5 doctors APPROVE!

that actually sounds kinda tasty!!

That.. is Totally being added to this summer's BBQ ingredient list.

Why is there a penis in the bottle?

Where do you see a penis? O_o

/flamesuit on

I think bacon is overrated. It's good once in a while but I really don't understand the whole "OMG LET'S DO BACON FLAVORED EVERYTHING" thing. I have bacon maybe 4 or 5 times a year and I think it's really good and all, but seriously, wtf is wrong with you people.


I think #5 likes penis... black penis... just sayin..

and by flamesuit on, he really meant gaysuit on

Between the label and the top. There's a phalus shaped shadow. Maybe it'd help if you squinted.

Pour a few drops in a shot of tequila and boooooom...your pen1s is still tiny.

i am so disappointed because you forgot Bacon Salt, Mr(s). Geekologie writer.
my reference is the book The World's Gone Crazy by Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

@5 - You're Mom's overrated!

Yes to bacon hot sauce in a bloody Mary! Best brunch ever indeed. Nom nom.

Whens someone gonna make Bacon flavoured toothpaste. Im sick of mint.......

someone has already ordered on the website?

The ranter was NUMBER FUCKING 6...I was number 5. UES UR EYEZ

@15 they already did along with bacon floss and toothpicks

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