Jun 25 2010.XXX Domain Names Finally Get Approved


Finally, you can start that pr0n site you've always wanted and slap on a .xxx domain designation (i.e. http://www.dinoassbiting.xxx). I just pre-registered like 40 sites! (38 dino, two robot-torture fetish).

The board of net overseer Icann [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers] gave initial approval for the creation of the .xxx domain at its conference in Brussels.

Icann's approval will kick off a fast-track process to get the porn-only domain set up.

ICM Registry, which is backing the domain, said .xxx would make it easier to filter out inappropriate content.

The decision ends a long campaign by ICM Registry to win approval.

Stuart Lawley, chairman of ICM, welcomed the decision and said it was "great news for those that wish to consume, or avoid, adult content".

ROFL @ "consuming" adult content. You've got a dirty mind, Stuart!

Sex domain gets official approval [bbcnews]

Thanks to enigma and Divo, both of whom are jumping on the .xxx bandwagon. Just don't touch anything.

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Reader Comments

more anus

Where's the NSFW version of that pic?!?! Damn you Geek.

seriously werte the uncensored pic?

Shnerp geen Fnee! Merg pnerrplek cleeble bloib plew sneeb.
(try saying it in reverse)

Very similar to the person who sold the first vuvuzela.

thank God for proxy servers

Background girl disapproves.

And right-wing nut-job heads explode. Because, see, recognizing that porn exists is the same as supporting it.

I'd like to see them apply that argument to the subject of SATAN.

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for black and white peolple

@9...what if I'm only one color?

That stegosaurus looks like it just got a whiff of something... I can't tell if it's yum - yum, nom - nom or yuck - yuck.


Also, cheezburger. kthxbai

@10 I lol'd

I cant wait to finally have www.geekologie.xxx

Yeah LOL I'm just white so I can't go to that black and white people web :(

This will be bad for work porn surfing, or those kids with tech savvy dads. Just filter XXX domains and BLAMO no pron for you!

@9 what if you're neither?
...There are more races than just Blacks and Whites, people!

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