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Suck It, Mr. Bond!: The Bush Spymobile


Oh God, the GW has gone and waded past the buoys marking the shallow end and is posting pictures of bushes again -- and not the good kind. Oh ye of little faith, you know I wouldn't do that to you (yes, yes I 100% would and not feel bad about it either). You see, that ain't no ordinary bush -- this is Justin Shull's Terrestrial Shrub Rover. It's a little electric vehicle disguised as greenery! That way you can spy on bees pollinating flowers at the park without them even knowing. Oooooor spy on women in bikinis with everybody knowing. Evergreens with binoculars don't belong at the beach!

Hit the jump for a video, which includes some shots of the cockpit.

Car disguised as a shrub: best spy vehicle ever? [dvice]

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  • Not A Robot

    He should have come out dressed in a gillie suit

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