Silent But Violent: Fastest Electric Motorcycle

June 11, 2010


What you're looking at is the MotoCzysz E1pc, the world's fastest electric motorcycle. Also, worst named. MotoCzysz E1pc, really? Sounds like a retarded computer hacker.

Even though it looks like multiple rows of batteries with two wheels on either side, it's the most advanced motorcycle in the world.

You're looking at lots of batteries there, 10 times the capacity of the Toyota Prius, giving this crotch rocket enough power to blast it to 140 mph, way beyond the next-fastest electric motorcycle.

140mph?! That's 14x faster than I feel safe on a motorcycle. Kidding, I'm a speed demon. Plus cock goblin meth monster. YAAAARGH! See? No teeth.

Hit the jump for a closeup of the batteries and a video of the bike in action.


Fastest electric motorcycle in the world is racing TODAY [dvice]

  • Max Piedra

    Driving fast on a motorcycle is fine. If you feel afraid, then slow down. If you are riding with someone and the person wants you to ride faster, it's best if you ignore them. You will not be in full control if you are in a state of panic. Remember, as your abilities improve, so does your confidence. :)

    Max Piedra

  • Hannah Parkin

    Whoa! That’s an awesome ride. I think this motorcycle will be a real hit with bike enthusiasts! Although I don’t think non-professionals should drive this without proper training. The fact that its super fast is kind of scary, hehe! Anyway, I agree with you about the name. They could’ve done better. I would’ve named it with something more awesome like “Mean Streak” or “The Speedster”, although I think someone named their motorcycle that already, hehe! =)

    Hannah Parkin

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