Jun 12 2010Screw It, I'm Taking A Nap: The Pillow Tie


If there's one thing I can't stand it's being awake. Last night I dreamed I went to a Korean karaoke bar that also had a giant buffet set up on pool tables. I kept going for the miniature hotdogs on hamburger buns but none of them were vegetarian. Any idea what that means? I'm gay?! Cool that's what my dreambook said too. Anyway, Pillow Ties are inflatable neckties you can use to nap comfortably in the middle of business meetings. They cost $20 and come in a million different designs. Me? I got a paisley one and then blew it up and stuffed it down my pants. Hell yeah, business casual!

Official Site

Thanks to SomerTime, who just uses her purse.

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first =p

Yay! I want one!

looks awesome, but i wonder if it's actually comfortable, considering it's width


2,3 fail hard

You vegetarian, foo?!

I'm vegetarian, as well.

I'm trashitarian.

Last night I dreamed that, for what ever reason, I was trapped on the holodeck with Danno from Hawaii Five-0, and that holograms were chasing us. Then Tubbs from Miami Vice showed up in a late 1960s Pontiac GTO convertible, but by the time he was close enough for me to ask for his help, i realized he and the car were only about 1 inch tall. Then he turnedinto a centipede and was promptly stepped on by a hologram. After that I woke up.

God, I'm so tired :(

@11 Cakeflourz, I had that exact same dream two nights ago.

I bet GW's sleeping on his damn pillow tie right now... and if it's stuffed down his pants then he is going to wake up tomorrow with on hell of a sore..........neck?

Im still using my dick for that matter ;) ( I wish)

Million designs ?!? More like 57. I can't get a solid black one, I'm a pilot, I need sleep too

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Or you could just stuff napkins and such in a regular tie.

k i am gonna take a napi thinn

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