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Please God Be Henna: Robotic Hand Tattoo


This is a picture of somebody's (possibly a female's) hand they decided to desecrate to high hell with some robotic sacrilege. I just hope it's henna and not permanent because not only would I not shake your hand, I'D CUT IT OFF WITH A LIGHTSABER. Don't believe me? Ask Luke Skywriter.

Tattoo Ideas for Science Lovers [oddstuffmagazine] (with a TON more science-y tattoos)

Thanks to BJ my PENN and PENN my BJ, who may or may yes have penis fingers.

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  • It is different but if its meaning to you then it does not matter if it seems strange to others. As long as there is confidence which is something you want on your. If you have your wrist three of which very small but it probably easy.

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