Jun 15 2010New XBox 360: Red Ring Of Death Solved


To nobody's surprise, Microsoft announced the new XBox 360 yesterday. It has a number of notable improvements over the old brick, including: shiny blackness, a 250GB drive, built-in Wi-Fi, a quieter fan and a custom Kinect port for new motion controller. All for the same price as before ($299)! Did I mention no more red ring of death?

With the new Xbox 360 250GB model, announced this morning during Microsoft's E310 press conference, error codes will be represented by a red centre light on the "cap touch" power button.

Hoho -- replacing the red ring of death with a red eye of death! Clever, Microsoft. Kidding, they say it's all been solved. Per Albert Penello, project manager:

"The first thing I want to tell people is, it's not going to be a problem. If something does go wrong, because consumer electronics, no matter how good you are, unfortunately there will be one guy who might have a problem, there will be an error message on the front. It won't be three red rings. There will just be an error code. The centre light turns red. But no-one will see it!"

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. Also, a half-chewed apple and some pretty gnarly looking teeth. I've got two words for you, Mr. Ed: dental floss. Seriously, it looks like you've been brushing with shit.

Hit the jump for the full spec-sheet of the new system.


Confirmed: 360 Red Ring of Death no more [videogamer]
new xbox 360 slim price, release date and specs revealed [technabob]

Thanks to David, Niko and Jesus loves me too, who don't play games because their straightforward and honest in their relationships. *swoon*

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xbox 4 life!

@Thor I think I <3 you just for doing that


wow the biggest upgrades are built in wifi and its shiny black finish ... add a blu ray player and its almost a PS3 ... do the controllers have battery packs built in now or do those still cost extra.

Fanbois or not - This console upgrade plus the new Kinect controller flat out rock!

It'll be interesting to see how the competition react;
Sony: "Eh, it still doesn't have Blu-Ray. Buy a PSP-GO!!"
Nindo: "So, we sold a bazillion of our consoles. Look another GameBoy!!"

So..... they're slowly morphing it into a PS3?

Twas invetiable/

i almost crapped my pants when i watched this yesterday.
i'm pretty excited to get my hands on the new hardware.

Have the corrected the issue that can cause rings to get scratched into game discs?

*they're. "they're straightforward and honest in their relationships. *swoon*"

Does that mean kinect wont work on my 3rd xbox 360? I'm not getting another not no way not no how.

So it doesn't play DVD or Bluray then.....

This thing is so godly. I don't care about the "fanboy" comments. This pwns.

@dparks : what is there to react to? they are adding features that already exist on other consoles.

One guy??? : "If something does go wrong, because consumer electronics, no matter how good you are, unfortunately there will be one guy who might have a problem,"
god I hope I'm not the one unlicky guy. wasn't it something like 1/3 of all xboxes got the red ring of death, now they estimate...one.
did wii or ps3 have a similar problem? any other consoles just have a massive failure rate?

lol fanboy doens't care about fanboy comments

My thoughts: Meh.

Since it's a DVD drive, it probably will play DVD movies,
but I'd guess that they didn't bother with blu-ray because they want you to download movies straight to the box for $$$

I wonder if there's a trade-up discount for those of us with the older xbox 360 elite boxes.

After three dead 360s (two were replacements by MS for the original) I just decided to build a gaming PC myself. It plays 99% of the MS exclusives plus all the PC exclusives and it doesn't piss itself and die every couple of weeks either. Also, everything they're giving you now should have been included at launch. Especially wireless.

it kinda sounds like...

we know issues will happen but, if there is an error it wont look like the scary red ring of death, we will just simply display an error code that tells you 'your screwed'.

but seriously, no more RROD, just a friendly error message now.


steve off course it plays dvd's what are you, fucking stupid!

all the PS3 fans are wishing the 360 would turn into a ps3.

UGLY. Use them to plug the oil leak!

Has Microsoft ever produced something Quality?


Blue light now instead of red?
still Have to pay for Xbox live?
Controllers still unnecessarily uncomfortable and heavy?
Recycled old dead Xbox = Shiny new turd.
Wifi... cutting edge... sure wish we had the infrastructure to utilize it.. 5 years ago?
Blu ray? (you know since games are bigger and require more data) didnt think so

stupid crapbox. i rather support my 360 exclusives via pc.

Hmmm, so if the old xbox hard drives arnt compatible with this one, then how are you ment to transfer the game files?
i guess they are gonna release some kit at a stupid price to do that

xbox users have to pay to use the online network? wow. I thought I knew all the crappy differences between PS3 and xbox. it just keeps finding ways to be crappier

Whoa, what? A custom Kinect port? I'm going to hope that thing comes with an adapter for the rest of us losers with old xbox 360s!

Purely from sales - Nintendo>XBOX>PS3. Sorry that's just how the cookie crumbles, if the PS3 was better than the Xbox and in turn (somehow) Sony was better than Microsoft I think from my limited understanding that it would look like this as far as sales - Nintendo>PS3>XBOX. Both ways about it tho, you blu-ray bastards (OMG HD MOVIES ON MY GAMING SYSTEM!!!!!) are still getting steamrolled by a company who makes about a plummer. Oh, and for the guy/gal who said that the xbox is turning into the PS3? Nope, you all don't have controller free interaction and the 360 definitely doesn't have a vagina, so nope, the xbox isn't close to being a PS3.

If you notice my statements are purely anti-sony. Sorry, but after owning all three, I know which one I kept around, (regardless of your red-rings, which after 2 xbox upgrades from the original hdd-less xbox to the elite to the Call of Duty LE, I have yet to get a red ring). BTW, didn't the PS3 just suffer a major glitch from a similar bug to the y2k thing? Programmer Fail.

*"who makes *GAMES* about a plummer" Sorry, had an American moment there, I left out a word.

@26 Actually it's a cable that has been around since they started selling HDD's by themselves. Generally it comes with new HDD's, but I suspect that you will have to call and get one like I did when I got a new Xbox. They try to charge you, but if you just say "My friend got one for free, why do I have to pay" They will give you it for free. Otherwise they try charging like $12.

want... now... D: now D:

lol so its trying to be a PS3?!? quiet fans, shiny black, built in WiFi, and a half decent HDD. and now they are saying it could be nearly as reliable as a PS3. all good starts.
where is the BR drive? soon enough you'll be getting games on 4 discs XD
xbox fail again

and @29 - 360 sales have slowed down far more than ps3 sales recently, over the same amount of time (note that PS3 was out 11 days short of a full yr later), PS3 will soon overtake xbox and carry on owning its face for a long time. just sayin'

According to Engadget: "Microsoft has always said Kinect will work with every Xbox 360, but the new black Xbox has a special trick move -- that ExtUSB-ish port marked Aux up there is actually a special Kinect port that handles both data and power for the new motion control system. That means you'll only need one cord to set up a new Xbox + Kinect system, while Xbox 360 original owners will have to connect over USB and plug in a separate power cord for the Kinect unit. And now you know."

BTW, didn't the PS3 just suffer a major glitch from a similar bug to the y2k thing? Programmer Fail.

...if by major bug you mean a 24 hour problem that corrected itself at no cost to anyone then yes.
...if by major bug you mean rendered the systems permenantly useless the no.

Not sure why anyone would even try to be selling that one.

@5 did you forget the massive 250g harddrive thats removable, plus the fastest wifi of any console, motion control(kinetic) and its quieter, did you even read the damn thing?

I've had an XBOX (Falcon core) for two years, I've left it on for days at a time and I have never had a single issue with my XBOX and the "RROD". These people who have gone through several machines are idiots. If you put your XBOX inside of a small space and expect that the extra heat isn't going to fry your machine, well, you're stupid.

I actually spent $100 on not only the wirless G but the new wireless N adapter... and to hear the new one is built-in, kind of upsets me. Reguardless I smashed my XBOX and PS3 off the concret not to long ago (for personal reasons, and a son who refused to do work at school).

Reguardless, I am buying this. I have invested too much money on downloads, movies and other things to just not have another XBOX. As for the PS3, I could care less about it.

@35 except for the cases where trophies and game saves were corrupted, right?
@33 good luck with that, since the last I looked, the Xbox may have slowed in sales, but it's also got about 9 million more units worth of a lead on you all. As for "owning face" do you mean losing exclusives? or do you mean one-upping us graphically on games that are boring as hell to play? Epic indeed.

I really hate tards that write huge essays in the comment box, and allow me to demonstrate why you are tards in a well thought out, 10 point essay starting with no one gives a flying crap about your points!

anybody who has a negative comment about this beautiful piece of work can go straight to hell

so basically its trying to copy the ps3...shiny black, built in wifi, lower failrate, small power cable, touch sensitive buttons, quieter...way to be original microsoft...


HELL YEAH I <<<<<333333 Xbox 360, this thing looks awesome tell me this, can the PS3 or WII say that the majority of hardcore gamers play them, I think not. not to mention the ps3 is ridiculously expensive. LONG LIVE THE 360 DEATH TO THE PS3

LOL that is the most ignorant statement ive heard for quite some time gratz on that.
The market for xbox has slowed recently? really? so if xbox sales drop for a quarter, that means they will inevitably just lose out in the market permanently? I think not sir. Ignorance spawns bliss which spawns erratic fanboys. just sayin'

PS360??? with no Blue-Ray? and no free Multiplayer? Batteries need to be replaced?


fanboy bman, its really not more expensive, not to mention all the stuff xbox owners have to buy to make it as good that don't come standard...like rechargeable battery packs in remotes... pay to play online... Sure you can beat the initial price tag of the console but you'll pay for it in the end (buttsecks)

WAIT!!! @29 OMG PS3s come with vaginas!!! I can F*** my gaming console?!?!? The adds are right it really does do everything!!! AWESOME.

I'm gonna buy 2 and make them lez out!!!!

@27 Three words: PSN Plus Membership. Okay, 2 words and an acronym...

You all now have to pay $49.99 a year to get firmware downloads, something that should be inherently free. (Even Xbox Silver memberships get console updates for free).

Correction, make that @27,45, and 46. OMG BATTERIES BUILT IN!!! who cares, that's what energizer is for. so I don't have to plug in to recharge my controller ever.

What no blu ray player?

@ Ruh-Roh
Fanboy.. Mehh...
I've got an atari so... keep barking...

i just love the xbox haters comments.

The PS3 has had a number of consule failures too, just not as many as the xbox. but then the xbox is a significantly cheaper so you would expect it (PS3 £400+ on release!?!?!)

The the cross console games look better on the xbox as a whole cos they are ported from the xbox (see Red Dead Redemption which runs on PS3 at a lower res and frame rate)

I dont mind paying for xbox live (its only £40 a year yet you PS3 heads who paid a wedge for the consule think thats a lot?!?) plus is works a lot better than the PS3 version (can you talk to a friend onlne who`s playing a different game - answer: NO)

No one cares about the blue ray player, all that means is cos it reads the disk so slowly you have to install all your games on the hardrive thus the larger hardive on PS3. If i want to watch HD content i can still do it via xbox live.

Plus i get SKY tv on my xbox.

i`ve no doubt some gaystation3 bod will come up with some counter arguments but i wont care cos i`ll be smugly playing red dead redemption knowing how much better it looks dispite the being PS3 supposedly more powerful.

@52 Well they might be getting their cross-game chat, but it will cost them, seeing as it's a plus membership feature.

@51 Woof.


Sony said that all current PSN features will stay free, so please show some proof that you have to pay $50/year to download firmware updates.

Source of my info:

@FDSY No, not at all.


lol u mad

Two things.

1. There is NO SUCH THING AS THREE RED RINGS DAMNIT! It was never even ONE red ring.

2. Its kind of stupid to design a product for notification of an inevitable failure and still claim its never going to happen.

Its like the oxygen masks that drop down from the airplane compartment. Like those are going to save anyone from dropping to their death in a 900,000 lb. unbalanced brick 40,000 ft. in the air.

REOD will replace RROD.....Red Eye of Death forever!!!!

Seriously, this is just stupid. It's black....the new wii is going to be black....everyone be like PS3!!!

It still looks incredibly stupid....ooooooo, they added in grooves now!!!

Confirmed that Kinetic will not work on older model 360's without some kind of clunky add on (or not at all, which will be hilarious)

"Your favorite accessories and games will work with Xbox 360 250GB. (Xbox 360 Externald Hard Drives and Memory Units are not compatible)"

LMAO, just noticed that too. THAT is going to piss a lot of people off.

First of all, it doesn't really matter what color a damn console is. OHH BLACK XBOX TRYING TO COPY PS3!!1!! Give it a rest, PS2 and original Xbox were black, hell the Sega was black too! And as for the whole BluRay thing, are you really such whiny little bitches that you can't swap discs? Lazy much?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qblBGTtMMhY <-- XBOX FAILS AGAIN!!!!!! Can't move that crap even if your life depends on it. just watch the video X3

how about making a console that won't give you some problems. And I bet the ring WILL BE BACK.

in no way is the ps3 better than the 360 do some research, you will never find anything that states that it is. as for the bluray why would we want it it belongs to sony let them have there win. Horray for them! we still have HDdvd yea they have gone down but if microsoft realy wanted to make games that needed more room that piece of hardware still exists as well as the disks as microsoft own it. and like the person before me said they were all black in the first place the only reason they didnt make black right off the bat was because they wanted to try something new and they wanted to capitalize on the fact that alot of ppl would pay more for the black and now they have made there initial market goal on the 360 so they have decided to give you more for less by christmas i something xbox will drop in price be it the new one with a $50 drop or be it the older model with a drop. and the slim 360 isint a copy of the slim ps3 because the xbox is actualy better than the ps3 so there u go as for wii its fucking nintendo when will they ever lose? exactly they wont. Ha! and just for knowledge i hate the wii lol and the ps3 is alright it lacks a well made/weighted controler and backwars support as most playstation players like the ps2 games and there are more of them than xbox so thats why microsoft dosnt offer backwards support no one that playes 360 realy cares that the got rid of backwards support well thats my rant goodbye

oh i also forgot to say what ps3 can stand on it end not lay flat and take up a shit load of room lol not that is some huge win but its just one more of many

If you own a thumb drive then you can transfer your data. They released a patch 2 months ago that allows you to use it to transfer data and roam with your profile just like the poor excuse of a memory card they released at original launch.

Oh, and all the game companies are working on charging for online play. Sony and Nintendo are working on raping us just as much as microsoft.

You guys must remember that the FIRST XBOX WAS BLACK!

I just wanted to get that out there.

This is what the Original Xbox Slim would've looked like, had it ever existed....they're just bringing it to the 360's side of the boat now.

I love the fact that they've gone back to the black color... perhaps the third system (whenever that maybe) will be black from the getgo?

In any case, this is a very good imporvement. Pretty big HDD, no more RROD, built in wi-fi, I mean... sure its starting to look more like a Ps3 type of thing, but you can't call the 360 a Ps3 as long as it doesnt have blu-ray. And to be honest, I could care less for B-R, cause the 360 is doing 'just' fine with the HDD that it has. Hopefully this 360 doesnt have the same one as the one that is out now, because those CAN die, just like the drives in the Ps3, and the Wii.

The 360's main point of damage, the RROD, is no longer exsistant, as far as we know. It has only been out for 24+ hours, we'll have to see how long these things actually last before we can say that the Red Ring of Death....has actually MET Death.

Ah, the Red Eye of Death. Brilliant.
"I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid you can't play that."

LOL IT LOOKS LIKE PS3, fail microsoft, maybe you should have fixed red ring years ago. Next gen is not that far away, why release a same size version? this is why it is the lowest sold system, not to mention a pointless HDMI port.

So.... is there no way import games onto the new XBox?
I've got a couple of RPG games that I'd hate to lose if there's no way of transferring them over. :(
The new features sound cool. The Wifi feature is a great addition. I'm not too keen on the redesigned console, though. I miss the curves. Am gonna hold off on this until I see more reviews...

Where is the F'n Blu-Ray support... Pointless!

I'm actually enjoying the comments section better than the article itself. Fanboys Face-off! Intense!

Guess what, I bought the PS3 cause I already owned PS1 and PS2 games, so why the hell would I had to pay more money for same thing beside the exclusives.

Here I will list the good things of both consoles and just see wiche one you prefer.

PS3 Got:
-Blu-ray, Hmm one game on one CD
-Bluetooth, Hmm (again) better wireless connection
-B-ray CD's, less able to be scratched
-HDD could be changed by any HDD's on the market as long as it fits in.
-Wide selection of good RPG's
-No internet paying shit or WHAT EVER.

Xbox 360 Got:
-Comfortable controlers
-Good console pricing (bundles with many games for almost same price)
-Good GOD DAMN' shooters that all are exclusives
-Better servers
-Many split screen, coop games
-Many mini games like on the ps3 but wiche look like better on x360

Bad things on both consoles are;

Cost money when sending to company to repaire it (without garanty -____-)
Ps3's got Blu-ray but few games only play on 1080p :(
x360 have some kind of fake HD.

So actualy it depends what you are going to do with you consoles, hardcore gamers prefere x360 because many games even old ones of 2-3 years are still fucking good like Gears of What (just kidding) Halo. Ps3 is expensive but got many good features too, so as Like I said it realy depends what you want to do with you console and wiche games you like to play like Killzone 2 or Halo3.

Why did XBOX make it black? Does it matter? Beauty is on the inside. Many of you are right when you say that you cant call a 360 a PS3, A PS3 has had almost all of these new 360 features from the get go. In my opinion, the 360 will never be as good as the PS3, even if they try really hard like there doing now.
Also, I fail to see how everybody thinks that games look better on the 360. My friends, who own 360s, all say that the games on my PS3 look way better and they are pissed that they didn't pay a little extra for the PS3.

^Depends on the game and what sort of screen you're using, and if you've got them hooked up with a HDMI cable or not. I don't have a LDC tv, and I've noticed that games using small text come out like little blobs. I suppose if you want to get the most in your gaming experience, get a LCDtv with no less than a 1080. EX: Dragon Age's graphics performed better on the PS3 (consistent texturing, deeper blacks), but XBox had superior frame rate. So, which would you prefer: combat or visuals? Again, personal preference.

Some games perform better depending on the console. My only gripe with XBox is with the whole red ring thing (which I've suffered through three times). I have one of the first gen PS3s, but I've never had any hardware problems as much as the XBox. Admittedly, I am excited about the new console, but I'm going to wait out the hype for more reviews.


You're my hero.

Who the fuck needs a Blue-ray.... its a console for a reason it plays gmaes and thats what its supposed to do not play some gay pornos.....Sony knows that their new stuff is not as good as the Microsoft's new tech. The wand that Sony has is just a Wii remote mixed with eye toy omg its not fun...The Sony systems are just starting to get the yrod, but Microsoft has had rrod and has fixed their issue i will be happy to see the outcome of you all getting the ps3 and having to pay 200 dollars to send it in =D

What and the hell are you talking about Really...? Your just pissed because double layered HDDVDs failed miserably on the movie market. A Blu-ray game(PS3) holds 54gigs while the HDDVD game(XBOX) holds 9 gigs. That is why Blu-ray is better you DUMB ASS!! Plus, Blu-ray Discs are harder to scratch. Also, if Microsoft is so "bad ass" then why did they have red ring problems in the first place then deny the fact. I think that Microsoft should stick to computer software, not gaming consoles, software is the only thing they do half right.
You also said: " i will be happy to see the outcome of you all getting the ps3 and having to pay 200 dollars to send it in."
I have had a PS3 for two years and have never experienced a problem. Two of my friends are on there forth XBOX 360 and another one of my friend's 360 died on him and Microsoft wont give him a new one because he had a sticker on it. MICROSOFT IS A JOKE!!!!

for all the people who think that they r slowly turning the xbox into a ps3 i have news for u. First ps3 suck heres y, they dont have many of the famous games that xbox has plus the xbox looks cooler hands down haha

Just remember guys we play video game consoles to play video games not watch blu-ray movies or browse the internet, im selling my Elite with my 120gb hdd and my wireless internet adaptor, and then im buying a new xbox. because im going to play games like fable 3, halo reach and gears of war 3, these games are exclusive to xbox. i hear what youre all saying about the xbox morphing into a PS3 and i get you guys i have a ps3 also and it has the best hardware and the sexiest look, you shouldnt hate microsoft for trying maybe to replicate that plus with it have the same price and all the upgrades so its bound to be beating ps3 in sales. and just remember people by consoles to play games.

woa woa woa! that is WAAAAY too simalar to the PS3 seriously........ the color,built in wifi, oh the differences? you have to PAY for xbox live AND theres one more USB than the ps3! seriously? all you have to do to get more ports is get a usb bridge........ and now hey fix the rrod? i seriously think theres still going to be a pretty large failure rate. now its the red SQUARE of death!

besides the fact that it's black, and standing vertical...how does it look like the PS3? i think it looks just like the old 360 with some random indents in the side, better looking ventilation and black.

as for it having things that the PS3 already had, keep in mind the xbox 360 was out for almost a full year before the PS3 was even released, obviously it will be a little behind in technology. if anything sony probably copied the xbox 360 since it had time to observe it. i base this claim off of the new PS3 controller which has hinged the R2/L2 buttons in what appears to be a futile attempt of replicating the RT/LT of the Xbox 360. also, things such as blu-ray seem so insignificant to myself, and any other gamer im assuming.

its not really about who copied who, if you're an Xbox person be excited bc this looks much better and go get it, if your a PS3 person, no one really cares if you dont like Xbox...

ok for all you ps3 fanboys out there, if you guys love the ps3 so much and hate the 360, then why the hell are you wasting your time looking at info for a new 360. if you really didnt care than you wouldnt even bother. you are all clearly jealous of microsofts superiority and came to this site to watch sony get its ass kicked.

I will answer the question of the previous poster. I'm a PS3 fanboy and the reason I came to this web page is that I am writing a report on why people shouldn't buy products from Microsoft. I started posting because allot of you XBOX fanboys say retarded shit, like, "We play game consoles so we can play games not watch Blu-ray movies." Which is okay with me but that isn't the reason Blu-ray helps make the PS3 better. What makes Blu-ray better is the fact that it can hold 54gigs of space for a game while the HDDVD that XBOX 360 uses only holds 9gigs of space for there games.

not sure where you got your info from but heres the real capacitys of the two mediums

Pre-recorded Playback Material (BD-ROM): Single-layer (25GB) - Dual-layer (50GB)

Pre-recorded playback material (HD-DVD-ROM): Single-layer (15GB) - Dual-layer (30GB) - Triple Layer (51GB - developed, but never brought to market).

9GB is what you get on normal Dual layer DVDs

so if hddvd had won the race or dual media drives had becom the norm there would have been nothing in it

"custom Kinect port" Whoa there, that ##SEEMS## awesome, but wait, the Kinect can use USB and 512 MB of memory...
Here we have a classic case of microsoft, the classic "how can we advertise something as better than others WITHOUT making improvements?"

ive had my xbox for 5 yrs and whenever i got a red ring i just did the smart thing and unplugged the power cord and plugged it back in - problem solved - do u people know anything about electronics? computers? no ? born yesterday monkeys i guess. i will be getting the new xbox 360 250 simply because thats progress no other reason - oh and its good to buy new after recessions. lol here is some advice for u ten yr olds posting on here - dont think, just do it - tell ur parents u want it. as for u sony fans - ur still paying alot for nothing. when ur console breaks down and u have to get it sent in for service, what are you going to to in the mean time? cant watch br movies thats for dam sure. rotfl

your going to be whating with the xbox to and ps3 can run all day with out over heating. I like both but when xbox fan boys talk about the ps3 they always lose on what there saying. if your ps3 overheats you must have it in a bad place. and it dosen need much space. worst part a brand new xbox can get rrod in a week. but i had mine for 5 years then got it.


I like the ps3 and the 360 simple because I love sony and the only problem I had with the old xbox was the controller but they fixed it with the 360 :)

do the controller need batteries do it have the red eye can you play it as much as the ps3

Just opened my daughters brand new Xbox 360 s on Xmas day (also bought the Kinect to use with it). Plugged in all the leads, connected to the TV and switched on. Power brick light turned green, console centre light turned green and then after 5 or 6 seconds, the console light turned to red. Power brick light is still green. Can't get anything displayed on screen. Tried AV connection as well as scart connection with the supplied adaptor, but nothing. This is brand new out the box equipment!!!! What a pile of mince!!!!
Spent a fair bit on console, kinect, games and accessories, expecting a plug n play scenario like my PS3 slim, and we get absolutely nothing.
I have one upset daughter this Xmas.

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