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Needs More Cowbell Violin: Playing Oldschool Video Game Music/Sound Effects On Violin


Note: Videos are after the jump because there wasn't enough cowbell for the front page.

This is a video series of some Japanese guy playing the music and sound effects to old Nintendo games on a violin as they're being played. He has a whole bunch of them on his Youtube page but I posted Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 3 and Donkey Kong after the jump. They're at least worth taking a look at. Like this mole on my back. Give it to me straight: malignant or not? Just a chocolate chip? F*** yeah I made love to a sundae!

Hit it for the videos.

visionclassicjp's Youtube

Thanks to Richard, trentsteele, Steven, pinky and BJ my PENN, who have all beat the devil in violin battles and each won a golden fiddle. Geez, dude must have a garage full of those things.

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  • MEEfO

    YouTube removed the videos. A shame.

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