Jun 15 2010Mashup!: Futurama Characters As X-Mens


Note: This pic is small and doesn't do the piece justice so to see the whole thing click CHEER. Oh shit, oh shit -- spirit fingers!

DeviantARTist gottabecarl went and mashed the Futurama and X-Men universes together. This is what he got. Oh really -- then what about the superpowers you're not telling us about?! ARE YOU X-RAY VISIONIN' MY NIPPLES RIGHT NOW?! You wanna?

A friend of mine suggested one day that it would be cool to see the characters of Futurama as X-Men and so I drew him Fry as Cyclops. For some reason I couldn't just stop there...and what came of it was a pretty extensive illustration with some of the most obscure characters from both the X-Men and Futurama universes.

Great job, Carl. It's times like these I wish God would have given me some sort of artistic talent. But alas, all I got was a face that could make Adonis cry and a wiener that NASA wants to use as a ladder to the moon. Still, I wish I could draw.

Carl's deviantART

Thanks to Martin, who once mashed Batman and Robin together and got, well, Batman and Robin rubbing twinkies.

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Futurama sucks


I will say that's some work right there but..... who's the one here keeps smellin lawsuits?

@ #1 Go F Yourself...

Stupid question, who is leela supposed to be?

At first I thought it said Futanari.

Leela is Phoenix (Jean Grey).

Thank you! The pinkish hue on the aura around her hands threw me off me thinks.

Also here is a link to most of the mashed up characters names.

htt p://mikeleus.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2rmi29

Wonderful GW, after the conversations i've had with you, id like to thank you for provoking me to write my blog.................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................OF AWESOME!



do you know if there is a picture showing which xmen theyr dressed up as?

And why isn't Leela portrayed as Cyclops?

Awesome! Futurama comes back on June 24th!

Zoidberg Wolverine.

That is all.

Is the preacher Deadpool?

First off why is zoidberg wolverine? Disrespect to Logan....and second is clamps supposed to be ironman? That's wut it looks like....kinda confused

Zoidberg has claws, Logan has claws. Fry is Cyclops i. e. Fryclops, Leela is Jean Grey I'm guessing because of the love interest between Fry and Leela/Cyclops and Grey.

Hypno-toad is Havok lolz

There are two Benders. One is upfront on the missile as Colossus and the other is the background as Quicksilver.

/agree with mike. Leela should be Cyclops

This is a lot of hard work, by one giant tool.

@1 gtfo turd

@18, one in the back is Flexo, Benders (evil?) brother.


Oh, except AWESOME and check out my website! "A-Team" rules!...



Yes.... yes indeed.

Why wouldn't lela be cyclops?

@ 18 & 22 - Wrong! That is Calculon, the famous robot actor. Duh.

AND... FYI: He's Iceman, NOT Quicksilver. 2 completely different characters.

Sorry. Just a little annoying when you guys act all "know it all" and still get it wrong.

I know. I know. I'm sounding all "Comic Book Guy."

:: CBG voice:: "Best.. Mashup.. Ever."

LMAO! OMG! I'm sooooo sorry you two. I just found the robot you were talking about. Wow. I feel like an ass. I looked at that pic like 4 times before I posted before. I just scanned by it again, and NOW I saw him. So So Sooo Sorry. You can spank me for it later.

To clear up witchyone's posts, Flexo = Quicksilver. Calculon = Iceman. Both are present. :D

Also, how did no one mention the best parts? Horrible Gelantinous Blob as.. The Blob. Nibbler as Lockheed also gave me a chuckle.

Anyway, for those who wanted some identifications.
Preacherbot = Deadpool.
Cubert = Cannonball.
Scruffy = Gambit.
Hermes = Bishop.
Niblonians = Multiple Man
Lrrrr = Sabertooth
Roberto = Ironman
Zap = Magneto
Kiff = Toad
Lebarbara = Storm
Mom = Emma Frost
Elzar = Silver Samurai
Amy = Psylocke
Morbo = Omega Red
URL(robot cop) = Avalanche
Seymour(dog) = Beast
Linda(Fry's girlfriend) = Goblin Queen(Madeline Pryor)
Robot Devil = Mr. Sinister(as a huge fan of both, hell yes.)

The ones I'm not sure about or couldn't identify off the top of my head were:
Kwanzaabot(one of the horsemen I guess, not coming to me otherwise)
Warnstrom(though I THINK he's Sebastian Shaw, as I couldn't think of anyone besides the hellfire club who dresses like that), and what gave me the most trouble are the ooma loompa dudes(one obviously being Jubilee, but the rest not jumping out at me).

Also a lot of random ones that I don't have the patience to list individually by name. Orphans = New Mutants characters(ear on forehead girl being Illyana, etc.), Hermes' son as the Japanese dude whose name I can't remember, crab chick Zoidberg wants as Lady Dethstrike, fat chick with skinny surgery from tax rebate episode = Spiral, robot chick from titanic episode = Shadowcat, chicken thing I completely don't remember = Archangel, female omicronian = Mystique

A few others fast.
Barbados Slim = Gladiator
Robot Santa = Apocalypse(why the hell did I not catch him back there earlier, so good)
Guenter(monkey with the smart hat) = Banshee

Also I accidentally listed Michelle(Fry's girlfriend) as Linda(tv anchor chick). It's 3 am. I also am not positive which of the two Linda is supposed to be between Polaris and Siren(though I'm leaning towards Polaris, and that I just don't recognize whoever they have as Siren).


Angelyne = Scarlet witch
Sweet Hippopotamus = Lilandra of the shi'ar
Dwight = Sunfire
Nixon = Sentinel?

I'm clueless on the identities of the robot mafia, the outdated robots, petunia and the nutley bus driver.

@29, Pretty good job John but I think Roberto is more Pyro than Ironman...

Oh and Morris = Nightcrawler, of course.

nixon is juggernaut, elzar is spiral not silver samurai. He's got multiple arms. hedonism bot is mojo, the grunkalunkas are from "generation X" Husk, Jubilee, pennance, chamber... and a couple I can't remember

@15 That is Roberto, not Clamps
@18 In the back, thats Flexo, as I see 22 addressed

@26 They're not wrong buddy
Calculon as Iceman is in the left of the picture, but Flexo dressed as Quicksilver is on the right side of the picture in the back
..... just sayin

As awesome as it is....

this has been done officially. The Planet X-Press Men. One of the graphic novels (comics -.-) Fry had an X-Men dream. Bender was Wolverine, Leela was Cyclops, Farnsworth was Professor X, Zoidberg was Beast, Hermes was Storm, and Amy was Rogue.


How is Leela not Cyclops?

super creative.

@29, @32, @35 - Nice job. I agree that Roberto is Pyro and not Iron Man. The last two Generation X kids are Skin and Mondo. The rest of the unnamed New Mutants are Sunspot, Warlock, Magma, and Wolfsbane. The chick in the green next to the Archangel chicken is Megan from Excalibur.

Mom's sons, Igner, Larry, and Walt are the Acolytes, maybe? I'll guess that the orphan bot is Cable based on nothing but the size of his gun. No idea who the guy next to him is supposed to be. The bot behind him is Thunderbird, though.

And let's not forget about Deadpool's Zombie Head.

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shouldn't leela be cyclops? haha

@2 you're a fucking idiot. He's not going to get sued for drawing this.. at most he'll get a C&D... which i doubt he'll even get because he's not trying to sell this garbage or make a profit.

Also, I hate this crap.. it's not clever and it's over done.. hurr durr.. I wanna see what futurama character would look like as simpsons characters!!11!1! hurr durr.. Fuck off.

Also, I hate this comment.. it's not clever and it's over done.. hurr durr.. I wanna see what whiny comments would read like as if someone cares!!11!1! hurr durr.. Fuck off.

Damnit, that's what I get for posting in the middle of the night while dead tired. Lilandra not Spiral for fat chick. And yeah, Pyro makes a lot more sense than Ironman but I blame the guy higher up who said it who got it stuck in my head! :D But yeah he has the flamethrower tubing going and everything. Mom's sons almost have to be acolytes, though honestly I remember them so little. Orphan robot is definitely cable looking closer at him, good call. Strange choice there, but he has the eye which seals it.

Oh, and Elzar being Spiral has gotta be right too, I assumed Silver Samurai after a quick glance based him being male. Which I guess makes Hedonism Bot Mojo?

@40 Oh, good call on Megan too. I completely forgot about her, but was definitely wondering about the ears. Damnit I gotta stop posting piecemeal after noticing more in comments, I normally don't spam like this, heh. (Also didn't catch that Mojo was pointed out either. Really really shoulda just sat and read the comments instead of scanning for names before posting my first comment. :X)

I l.o.v.e. it.

So good. I’m glad he didn’t draw Lela as Cyclops, it shows this meld is at least conforming to the rule of gender. Plus Cyclops is a pussy compared to Phoenix.

I'm stuck on Nixon though? He would have made a good Sentinel or Onslaught.

Left to Right starting from Bottom to Top:
Professor X
Silver Samurai
Shadow Cat
New Mutants (including Jubilee)
Omega Red
Some Dog
Sebastian Shaw
Multiple Man
Lady Deathstrike
Black Queen (Madelyne Pryor)
White Queen
Mr Sinister
Horsemen (One of the original four horsemen)
No girl
Ice Man
Boom Boom
Scarlet Witch

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